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Ethics Research Papers

Four Interesting Ideas For Composing A Good Ethics Research Papers

There is no way you can run away from writing on such a type of ethics research paper if you have chosen a course of ethics in your studies. Whether it is science, technology or business ethics research paper, there is always a specific point, which a student has to work on throughout it while discussing different norms and perspectives about ethics. The subject matter is obviously dependent on the field of study there are in.

The backbone of every research paper has always been the thesis statement. Therefore, it should be cultivated in a way that provokes a reader to read the rest of the paper, taking a keen interest in it. Internet is studded with thousands of thesis statement writing ideas out of which some might be useful,while others only waste a student’s time and nothing else.

Therefore, we have devised a list of ideas that will aid students in coming up with a powerful, strong and convincing thesis statement for your research paper.

  1. The most common way for writing a thesis statement is to apply the formula“CLAIM+REASON”. As indicated in the formula, you just have to provide a claim that should be made on the basis of a reason, which should be illustrated after the claim. One such example is given below.

“Stem cell is a perfect method for searching for new medicines for the future but at the same time you cannot ignore, the hazardous implications of it on a human’s health”

  1. The thesis statement can also be illustrated in the form of a question, that you throw on the reader, it is better than the question controversial which will provoke the reader to think about it.

“What do you think; gays should be restricted from all the fundamental human rights, just because they are gay?”
“Is cloning ethically wrong?”

  1. Another way that is most commonly used to write a thesis statement is that you would use a working thesis for a paper, in which you will change your personal viewpoint about the theme later on.
  2. You can also make up an argumentative thesis statement, to add a little more interest in the paper. For example;

“Lie is a lie whether spoken for the betterment of others or some other reason”

You can cultivate a workable thesis statement that will turn your paper into more effective and worth reading in a number of ways, but be careful because, at times, a thesis doesn’t match the overall theme of the paper. Always remember that a thesis statement is a backbone for writing a paper, be it ethical, business, literary, etc. Therefore, you must give a lot of thought before actually writing the thesis statement.

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