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Essay Writing Ideas For Essay On Staying In School That Will Boost The Standard Of Your Essay From 2:2 to 2:1 Guaranteed!

Essay On Staying In School

If you are assigned to write an essay on staying in school than you need some ideas that you could incorporate in your essay assignment.

This article will give you a few ideas that you can use to shine your essay paper. These ideas can be organized if you know the basic format of an essay. All you need to do is to organize your essay with references on a particular citation style. Here are the ideas:

Importance Of Staying In School  – 4 Essay Ideas on Staying in School

  • It is four times as likely to be unemployed for High School drop outs as compare to those who have completed four or more years of college;
  • Completing High School determines how well you live your life for the next 50 years. Graduates of High School earn $143 more per week than high school dropouts while college graduates earn $479 more per week than high dropouts.
  • It is more likely for High School dropouts to apply for and get public assistance as compare to graduates;
  • Dropouts comprise a uneven percentage of the nation’s prison and death row inmates. The prisoner’s in America includes 82% High School Dropouts.

Thesis Statement – Essay on Staying High School

“Dropping out of high school puts individuals at a disadvantage for life”

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