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Education Research Proposal

Education Research Proposal For Students Who Want an Approvable Education Research Proposal

We all know, how much you hate your supervisor for constantly rejecting the

research proposal in education topic ideas

that you are giving him for weeks now.

This is why; you are searching for a good research proposal topic on Google as well but haven’t found any worthwhile title as yet. Not to worry since we are here to sort out your problem in minutes, just read on the following ideas.

Topic ideas that are related to students based on environmental freedom of thought:

1 Primary school education:

  • Is religious education creating racial discrimination among children?
  • Should primary schools reduce their dependence on testing to measure performance levels?
  • Should there be more emphasis on environment preservation and energy conservation and green living apart mandatory primary school curriculum?
  • Should primary school students be allowed more independent study than is currently allowed?
  • Are the current students to teacher ratios in the pre-school system sufficient or should it be increased?

2 Collegiate education:

  • Should wealth management and entrepreneurship relate courses to be offered to high school students, over courses such as history and geography, etc.?
  • Should religious education be reintroduced to the schooling system to increase racial and religious tolerance?
  • Do male students fare better when they are among same-gender counterparts, rather than co-ed counterparts?
  • Should there be less emphasis on language and math skills in high schools and more emphasis on today’s pressing issues such as environmental protection and resource conservation?
  • Is it more beneficial to put students who consistently make failing grades with high achievers, so they do better and achieve higher scores?

3 University education:

  • How is the university system preparing for the looming labor shortage in the short and long term?
  • Should mandatory retirement for university professors be abolished?
  • Should tuition for medical school education be free or refunded, to those who opt into specialist areas that are today seeing a dearth of specialists, such as Obstetricians, etc.?
  • Should tuition fee increases for university courses be frozen?
  • Should business management and administration degrees of today, focus more on entrepreneurship?

Hence, you can go for any topic related you’re field of research, and share an opinion, such modems will help students of every level to express tier individual opinions, and be able to remain updated with new policies and standards that the schooling systems and universities intend to introduce on the basis of such proposals. You can visit the links to stay in touch with the issue and also can read such proposals posted by others so that you can come up with a unique and interesting educational research proposal.

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