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Education Dissertation – Things You Must Know

5 Questions And Their Answers Regarding Education Dissertation

By: Dominic Corey

Q.1:Primary Education Dissertation?

I am stuck for ideas on what to base my dissertation on for my teaching degree…..any ideas guys? x Ans: Have you thought about discussing the effects of parental involvement or lack of the same in their child’s schooling? Is the child’s progress helped or hindered by parental intervention and in what circumstances? Is the child at a disadvantage if he has to develop his own strategies or does he acquire different and valuable skills from those who get parental help or supervision of homework? How can parents and teachers help one another? In what circumstances are they working at cross-purposes?


Education dissertation writing demands hard work as it contributes to the improvement of the contemporary education system. You have to put in your own efforts along with staying in touch with your advisor on a constant basis as he will help you comprehend all aspects of your project.


So, get ready to do a lot of work as you must collect the required matter to ensure you complete your thesis on education in an effective way. Go through various books, articles, and journals, make questionnaires if needed and make sure you discuss with experienced professors and scientists in your area of study.

Also decide what subject you are interested in. If you are interested in teaching then you have many subjects to choose from. Choose the one you find fascinating, for example, Peer learning, Expectancy theory, Bilingual education, Adult education, Cultural literacy, Invented spelling, etc. and then carry out thorough research to collect relevant matter.

Do a thorough research and look for various areas of education studies. For example, homeschooling, student motivation, international education, portfolio assessment, group reading, reciprocal teaching, cognitive learning, reading disabilities, mental retardation, mainstreaming, etc.

Other areas you may look into can be English as a second language, individualized education program, sociology of education, gifted and talented education, experiential reading, early childhood education, etc. Once you decide what you want to write about, select an interesting topic. Make sure you collect sources as relevant to the theme of your topic as possible. It won’t be easy but your consistency will pay off eventually.

Once you have your dissertation topic and relevant information, start writing your education dissertation. It is advisable to divide all different parts of your dissertation into small chunks and take each part as a separate assignment to ensure a smooth writing process.


While you are writing your education dissertation, make sure you stay in touch with your advisor on a regular basis. If you feel you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed further, contact your advisor. Follow the guidelines as outlined in this article and you will be able to complete your dissertation in a timely manner.

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