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Edgar Allen Poe Research Paper

4 Ideas for Writing Edgar Allen Research Papers

Literature students are often assigned the task of writing Edgar Allen Poe’s research papers in order to analyze their literary abilities. Usually in this paper, students are required to write about his biography or any of his work. It is not easy to understand the concepts behind his work and perhaps, this is the reason, they are not able to come up with a good piece of paper.

Moreover, they are also not able to generate creative ideas that can make their papers stand out. Therefore, we are giving away some ideas that will help you write an interesting Edgar Allen Poe research paper.

First idea: On the autobiography of Edgar Allen Poe

One of the simplest and the easiest idea is to write on the life of Edgar Allen. No doubt, it is a common topic but you can make it interesting by linking his life’s incidences with his work. This is how; you will be able to relate his life with his work. The paper on his autobiography should consist of the following information.

Poe’s childhood

You know that Poe was adopted after the death of his father so you can shed light on the impacts that Poe had after the adoption.

Poe’s early career

You should tell about how he started his writing career like he used to once write humorous stories for the west point school paper.

Poe’s marriage

He married his cousin who was only thirteen years old; this can be a perfect issue to be highlighted in the paper.

Second idea: Write on the theme of his work

For this, you have to go through his work and pick out different themes out of them. Choose a theme that you find interesting and start writing on it. For example; you can use the theme of revenge which was the dominating theme in the story of, “The cask of Amontillado”. Furthermore, you can also write the whole paper on one of the stories written by him.

Third idea: Write on his poem

He has written many poems so it will be a good idea to choose anyone out of them and write your paper on it. For example; you can write in the poem, “Raven” which is based on a narrative approach. Other notable poems are the bells and the ballad which are not only easy to understand but interesting as well.

Fourth idea: Compare his works

You must first read about him and his works before deciding a theme for Edgar Allen Poe’s research paper otherwise you won’t be able to deeply analyze him or his work.

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