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Eating Disorder Research Papers

4 Point Guideline for Writing Eating Disorder Research Papers

Eating disorder is a common problem faced by millions of people across the globe but still nobody knows the core cause of it in spite of the extensive research work it has gone through. This is why; eating disorder research papers are frequently assigned to the students studying psychology in order to dig out more information about it.

According to the researchers, there can be many causes for this disease so it is recommended that the students study a particular cause and dig more information about it. Whatever the topic they will be discussing in their eating disorder research paper
, they should first draw an outline that will aid them while writing the actual paper.

Coming up with an outline seems to be quite daunting for the students because it requires time and effort. Therefore, we are providing a comprehensive outline writing guideline that should be followed if one wants to come up with a worth reading eating disorder research paper.


  1. At first, you must tell the reader what is meant by an eating disorder? Define what eating disorder is? Gather information possible which best describes the term. State, what are the types of eating disorders that are commonly diagnosed today? Tell the readers, who can be easily affected by this disease? The information gathered here will help you write the introduction without any hassle.
  2. If you are planning to write about the cause and effects of eating disorders then you must make two columns where one would describe the causes while the other would describe the effects of that particular cause. All the information that you have gathered here will be useful for you in writing the body of the paper.
  3. You are almost done with your outline drawing process. Now, you must get back to the preceding key points for introduction and body writing and create a short summary which should comprise of the major points discussed. This will be the conclusion of your paper. It is also recommended to provide your personal suggestions in the paper but only if you have been asked to do so. In the end, provide a clincher to effectively wrap up the whole work.
  4. You are completed with the outline, now read all the points noted so far. Get rid of the extraneous information that you think may not go with the theme of the paper. Come up with an interesting title with a strong thesis statement.

Hence, you can go through the above-told guideline to generate your own ideas as well or modify it, whatever suits you best. In short, the preceding simple steps will help you come up with a strong eating disorder research paper if followed blindfolded.

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