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Doctoral Dissertation Writing Help

Doctoral Dissertation Writing Help

By: Dominic Corey

Dissertation writing is the most crucial part of your degree program as it helps you earn the highest level of degree and, consequently, it’s not an easy assignment at all. Statistics show that 85% of doctoral students, with ABD status, never manage to finish their dissertations. It is very important to have proper resources and guidance available in order to make dissertation writing process worthwhile.


You can find a lot of dissertations online. However, if you are thinking they will facilitate your dissertation writing process, then you are mistaken. As each dissertation is written on a unique topic, online dissertations won’t be of any assistance. As you have been given certain instructions by your advisor, the same way previous students received specific instructions as well. Therefore, going through online dissertations won’t be much helpful. They can be helpful if you are looking for gaps in knowledge or want to get some references for your own dissertation. If you don’t want any of these, you are better off going through other resources like books, journals, articles, etc.


Your dissertation requires you to explore and come up with something new that no one else discovered before. Therefore, you are required to carry out thorough research and read as much as you can, pertinent to your field, to see what others have done and what you can do to make a difference. The topic that you explore in your dissertation makes you the most knowledgeable person on that topic. So, it is imperative you do a lot of research and read as many books, articles, journals, etc. as possible.


Writing a doctoral dissertation is not an easy task at all. It may even take years of hard work to complete it profoundly. As most students fail to write it after getting the status of ABD, it is advisable to acquire the assistance of experienced writers. There are many reasons why students fail to complete this task. Many students fail to do thorough research, a lot of students speak English as their second language, numerous students can’t convert their thoughts into words, etc. Such students should turn to professional writers to assist them in writing their dissertations successfully.

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