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Do you want to trick

How to cheat its only a trick we will not recommend to do this.

You have cheated essay and now worried if you will get caught?

At first, let’s see what Turnitin is basically all about. Turnitin also called as is a plagiarism checking software on the internet created by iParadigms, LLC. Institutions. Universities and schools officials usually use this software to check the for the cheats essay.

Cheating essay is the most commonly done act today by the students, but then they worry if they will get caught by the Turnitin plagiarism detector, so here we are presenting you the way to easily trick

How can you cheat

Step # 1:
First go to edit and then click replace

On “find what” put the letter “a” and replace it with “a~”

It doesn’t matter if you want to use other characters, like “aa” and “tt”

Step #2:

Go to tools, then Macros (Microsoft Word have a mini computer program that runs automatically when you open it) and type “AutoOpen” in the macro name field and click “create”
Type in
Sub AutoOpen()

Macro created(today’s date) by (should say your name) With Selection. Find



.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll

End With

End Sub

(Fill in what’s not already on screen)

Save it (press Ctrl+s)

Then save the document.

Ok, now so how will this work!

After you have saved the document, Turnitin will see “a~” which will give you 0% plagiarism. Nevertheless, when your professor will open it, he will only see “a” due to the macro running in the background.

Its only a trick we shared only for knowledge but we do not recommend you to do this. To avoid the any risk please write your own custom essay for this if you need help please feel free to contact us.


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