By: Dominic Corey

Planning dissertation is something most students have no idea about.

Planning dissertation

is like planning for war! You have to be alert, do thorough research and know your enemy. Here the enemy is a big fat F. You have to be prepared at all cost to avoid the big fat F from making its way into your transcript and leave a bloodied mess of low CGPA behind.

So let’s start with your dissertation plan!

First choose your topic. Choose what you are good at. Choose something you have at least some knowledge about so that you know what you are writing.

Don’t pick a topic in random. If you are unsure about a topic ask your friends or parents or take guidance. Ask someone who is close to you so that they may help you all the way.

After choosing your dissertation, do some research? Collect loads of information about your research topic. After you have done all this you will come to PLANNING DISSERTATION IDEAS.

Here you will describe what your dissertation is all about. Dissertation planning starts from here. You must define your objectives. Then support your objectives with concrete to the point literature. Take all your material from the internet and research journals and mould them into your own words.

After you have backed up your objective with your literature prove it with a hypothesis and surveys. When all this is done make a conclusion that is going to knock a punch.

So this is our sum up of planning dissertation

  • pick up a topic you think you are good at.
  • Take action. Do some thorough research.
  • Filter the research.
  • See if the research you have filtered is relevant to your study.
  • Revise it to make sure
  • Write one hell of a convincing conclusion and recommendations.

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