By: Dominic Corey

Financial management is the management of the finances of a business / organization in order to attain financial objectives.

Financial management seeks to plan for the future such that an individual or business entity has a constructive flow of cash. Its major concerns remain in the capital market and by keeping and insight on the fluctuation of dollar in relation to the productivity and conservation plan outs.

Financial management of any organization plays a very crucial part in its organization for its planning strategies. The main focus in compiling and writing down a good financial management dissertation would require a solid questionnaire feedbacks based on surveys in different financial management sectors that covers all fields. This type of survey will pull out a quantitative collective analysis that will bring us to the right conclusion facts to build our good effective

financial management dissertation paper


The word ‘financial management’ has a number of meanings including the management and maintenance of financial possessions. The process of financial management may also include identifying and trying to work around the various risks to which a particular project may be showing. So now that you have got hold of the basics let’s start with the topics for your financial management dissertation.

Financial management is such a vast field that covers every aspect in the financial world and whatever it is related with. It all depends on what is your area of expertise and what you are interested in. Hence for your comfort I have divided the financial with different instruments forms of money which are used in transactions by management level and the local people on the whole and the dissertation topics will be discussed into parts so that it gets easier for you to pick a topic related to your concern.


  • Junk bonds.
  • Convertible bonds.
  • Zero coupon bonds.


  • Repurchase agreements.
  • International currency codes.
  • Exchange rates.


  • Day trading of and for commodities.
  • Ownership equity.
  • Seasonal traders success ratio rate.


  • Capital asset pricing model.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Fixed income analysis.
  • Gap financing.
  • Portfolios.


  • Activity-based costing and management.
  • Operational risk management in the financial areas.
  • Investigating the trends of government financing that take equity options.
  • When is the right time for Venture Capital?
  • Financing choices picked by different types of business sectors (financing a restraint vs. financing a retail op, vs. a service business etc.).

Financial management dissertation is probably one of the toughest dissertations that you will come across to write. For any further help regarding financial management dissertations get in touch anytime and I’ll gladly see how I can help you out any further!


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