How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

By: Dominic Corey

Dissertation literature review

is an extremely important part of your final projectand it proves that you have learned and understood the matter published on a particular topic. Your literature review is not a mere summary of publications by other authors. It actually demonstrates your understanding of different arguments, advancements and theories.


When you start a literature review that most expected problem you will face is the Students face all kinds of problems when they start writing review of literature. They can’t write because they have never written one before. Many students can’t understand the difference between an annotated bibliography and literature review. A lot of students don’t know what it exactly contains.


Writing a dissertation literature review requires lot of consideration and concentration, because it makes a major impact on your overall performance of final thesis. Whenever; you are writing your literature review for any dissertation. Just keep in consideration following key points and your dissertation will be as good as your supervisor wants,

When you start writing your literature review, follow these key points

  • In your literature review, you compare how relevant the work of previous authors was.

  • You also talk about the agreement and disagreement of different authors.

  • You need to mention the relationship of your work with the previous work, relevant to your area of study.

  • You talk about the gaps in current research and also recommend where further research is needed.

Writing an APA Literature Review

APA is a writing style, which is also called “American Psychological Association”. It has its own way of citing sources. When you are required to write in APA style, make sure you go through theAPA manual to understand how this writing style can be used. It is crucial to comprehend the proper APA citation style to ensure you cite the sources accurately.