Search out for the Sources to downloading Proquest and UMI digital dissertation

DIGITAL DISSERTATION Sources For Downloading

– ProQuest Data base Platform &UMI Digital Dissertations

By: Dominic Corey

A lot of students face hard time in writing dissertations even after finding lots of digital dissertations. Almost all students try to find successful dissertations that were written by previous students. They look for digital library of theses and dissertations to find papers on topics they are interested in. ProQuest and UMI are the resources that provide downloadable dissertations. Let’s now talk about ProQuest and UMI and then discuss how you should use digital dissertations to ensure you complete your dissertation in a profound manner.


They collect, organize and publish information. ProQuest’s content is available to researchers through different types of libraries. You can acquire digital types of dissertations and other scholarly matter from them. When you acquire their services, you will get access to more than 125 billion digital pages. Also, you have a choice to decide in what format you want to receive the dissertation. They provide soft cover paper, hard cover paper, microfilm, etc.


UMI, formerly known as University Microfilms, was established in 1938 with the aim to preserve scholarly content on microfilm in the British Museum. With already 500 years of information available, they continue to add millions of images of contemporary information every year. UMI is now an asset of Proquest and produces dissertations, research collections, etc. in digital form and print.


Obtaining a few digital dissertations is not enough to complete your dissertation. You are still required to go throughsome important and documented data research and collect significant matter. These types of dissertations can help you with relevant resources that are available on its given sourses with proper planning and knowledge about what topics interests you and your dissertations the most. You will find out what matter you should use for your own paper, by getting a complete picture about how such piece of work are constructed and also how to manage them in the short span of time frame. It will also show you how to get your dissertation proposals get easily accepted by your supervisors.. You will also learn how to organize, and put together your paper in a most effective way, that would definitely draw the attention of your supervisors, to point out the best possible resolution that you will be able to compile in your dissertation. This is all you can do, If you copy any information, you will plagiarize your dissertation. You will then eventually get caught and ruin your credibility.