10 Latest and Attention-Grabbing Computer Dissertation Topics to Make Striking First Impression on the Supervisor and Get Your Dissertation Going

Also, get a FREE checklist to ensure that your selected computer science dissertation topic will get approved

  • Have you wasted a number of days in searching for computer science dissertation topics and haven’t yet finalized the one that can impress your supervisor?

  • Do you think that computer science is a dry subject and want to have an
    interesting topic for your computer science dissertation so you can complete it without getting bored?

  • Do you want to write your MSc computer science dissertation on modern IT technology but can’t decide a topic related to it?

  • Are you losing your nerve at the very first step of writing computer dissertation because your supervisor has rejected all the dissertation topics submitted by you?

Indeed it is a real challenge for students of Computer Science to select a topic for their dissertation. On one hand, they feel eager to jump start their dissertation and, for that, want to get their dissertation topic approved without much ado,but, on the other hand, they don’t want to give a negative impression on the very first meeting with the supervisor by submitting an outdated or immaterial topic.

So, all they want is a dissertation topic that can win the heart of their advisor in as less time as possible. e best solution I can offer to these students is a list of some eye-catching computer science dissertation topics for FREE. Since computer science is a very broad sertation ideas related to its various branches. Select the one that suits your interest or use it to m

4 Free Computer Dissertation Topics about Internet

  1. Technical Hurdles in theSuccessful Integration of Social Media Websites in the Marketing Strategy of SMEs
  2. Is Use of Insurance a Cost Effective tool for Internet Security Management?
  3. Authentication of the Content on Health Service Websites and Evaluation of their Possible Impacts on Public Health
  4. Digital Divide: Why people in the rural areas of India cannot access Internet?

3 Free Computer Hardware Dissertation Titles

  1. Is use of touchpad devices easier than the virtual keyboard for elderly cellphone users? A survey research
  2. Current status of research on the natural user interface and potential for its future success
  3. Security against data theft in a cloud computing environment

3 Free Computer Software Dissertation Topic Ideas

  1. Validation of the Mobile Application Performance Data Collection Instruments: A Case Study of Flurry
  2. Development of 3D image from a 2D image: Testing of Algorithm in a simulated environment.
  3. Scalability of Data-centric Management Framework for a decentralized cloud resource.
How to Be Sure Your Dissertation Topic is Flawless?

Well, computer science is a very technical subject and writing a computer dissertation is much more difficult than writing a dissertation on some non-technical subject like law or politics. You can’t select a topic or theme for your computer science dissertation just because you like the topic or subject. There are other important considerations you should take. Here is a checklist for you to see whether your selected topic is up to the mark so you can submit an immaculate dissertation topic with confidence:

  • Your selected topic is on a recent computer related problem that has not yet been solved

  • By doing a research on your selected topic, you can highlight or solve an
    important practical issue

  • You have adequate understanding of the concepts related to your decided dissertation topic

  • There is enough literature on your dissertation topic to give you guidance about conducting your research.

  • Your dissertation topic is related to that field of computer sciences in which you want to pursue your career

Keeping all these guidelines in mind, I am sure you won’t face any issue in selecting the topic for your computer dissertation. Either select any of my suggested computer science dissertatiour mind for new related topics. Once you’ve finalized the topic, use this checklist to confirm that your topic is just perfect for conducting an impressive research on computer science.