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Five Interesting Ideas for Writing Computer Research Papers

Teachers often assign computer research paper to the students in order to analyze their computer skills and their understanding of the subject.

Students who are into computers find it very interesting and they also come up with interesting titles as well but those who are not interested in this machine gets nervous and confuse especially when they are asked to decide the topic on their own. This research paper is very not for the reader but also for the students. Because would get chance to explore new invention about computers and also how could those innovations help the people in their daily life.

There are so many ideas that students can work on when it comes tothis sort ofresearch paper writing but if you are still not able to generate effective topics then we are here to help you out. Following are some of the very unique and interesting

computer research paper topics


First idea: computer languages

One must know the computer languages if one want to communicate with the computers. It is the best way to order a computer to do a task, so writing on computer languages in computer research paper would be an interesting idea. It will be unique as well because not everyone understands the languages; following are some suggested titles for your assignment.

  1. Why is C language preferred over assembly language?
  2. When did the programming languages emerged?

Second idea: Security issues

Computer security has always been a challenge for the computer operators so this topic would not only be interesting but informative as well. You can write on the security threat warnings to the computers. For example; “All about windows registry system - A threat” or you can also write on how to protect one’s computer from viruses.

Third idea: Internet

Internet has turned the world into a global village so you can effectively write on the importance of internet in the modern world. You can also write on the topic of merits and demerits of internet for our younger generation.

Fourth idea: E-business

E-commerce has provided a platform for global business where social media sites are playing a very active role, you can therefore; write on the role of social media in enhancing the small business or how to successfully start and online business. You can also write on the merits and demerits of doing online business.

Fifth idea: Operating systems

There are so many operating systems on which you can write your paper from Snow Leopard to Linux to Unix etc but make sure you have all the knowledge required to write on this topic because operating systems are quite technical and you will only be able to write on it if you have a sound knowledge about it.


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