By: Dominic Corey

Don’t take your case study dissertation lightly.

It is a common misconception that a it requires less time and research work as compared to a normal dissertation.

This is not the case

The preparation of case study requires a lot of work. research process and other effort can even consume more than few day but it’s worth spending your time .

A case study is one of several ways of doing research whether it is related to social science or even socially related. It can be a intensive study of a single group or it may pertain to a incident, or a community.

What you have to do in your case study dissertation is broaden your scope of your case study. Laying foundation of your dissertation on a case study is like constructing your dissertation on any organization or an event. You have to dissect it and try to present and prove your point of views.

Suppose I am

writing a dissertation on a case study

by xyz on waste management. For me, to start with I will have to go through the whole dissertation by xyz and then touch other topics of waste management. This way I will broaden my scope.

With the greateramount of research you can come up with your own solutions and hypothesis. You will be better equipped to present a problem statement and problem identification.

For an effective case studyyou should takethe following course of actions:

  1. Read the case study thoroughly. Leave no stone unturned.
  2. Come up with a solution or identify a problem.
  3. Do thorough research to back up your claim.

I can assure you that following these three steps will surely make yourcase studyofdissertation flawless in the eyes of the dissertation committee.

For the complete understanding of case study dissertation it’s highly recommended for you to read Dissertations By Topics For further information on case study dissertation contact me anytime and I’ll gladly try to be of assistance.

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