Guidelines to Come Up With an

Undergraduate Research Proposal

with Perfection and Ease
Undergraduate students are often careless with the idea of

writing an undergraduate research proposal for their thesis

, this is why; their proposals are rejected many times.

A good proposal is a blueprint for the real research work a student has to perform; it is a kind of a skeleton framework that is necessary to be submitted prior to the actual research work. Therefore, you have to be very careful in creating one. The research proposal is of the important and essential part of the dissertation but due to less importance from students the often face trouble get low score in the report. The research proposal is a kind of short summary where the researcher let the reader know that what is going to be subjected in the research. Usually the proposal is prepared in a manner that it provides all necessary information to the reader like the name of topic and it’s past results if any and the reason for selecting this topic. However, the researcher may also discuss some of his research points that he may have gathered yet. The research proposal clears picture for the reader that they can easily understand the logic and reason of the research.

Here are some guidelines to help you with your student research proposal.

  1. A research question is the pillar of a research proposal. By and large, students forget to place a question mark at the end of the research question. For example: “I want to understand why some people decide to vote while others don’t” is a question where voting behavior can be a topic.
  2. It is crucial to include the aim of your research in your research proposal that would come under the heading of research objectives.
  3. Importance of the project with in-detailed background about it would help the dissertation committee to understand the significance of your project.
  4. What are the research methods you are planning to implement in your research? This would come under the heading of research design. Tell your readers what is the skeleton framework you have in your mind regarding the thesis or dissertation.
  5. The most important thing to remember is that, surveys and interviews usually needs human subjects’ clearance; therefore, please consult your supervisor for this.
  6. There are modules for research proposals that need to be clearly identified in your proposal. This will show them you have done a lot of home work in this area.
  7. The topic of you research proposal is the main thing, it will make or break your overall impression, therefore, make sure it is interesting enough to grab the attention of a reader. Make sure not to copy fromundergraduate research proposal sample since they are used by thousands of other students as well.

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