How to Make a Reliable Timeline for Your Research Proposal

in Less Than 60 Minutes?

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail”

Just a common saying but how true it goes for dissertation writing. It has to be well designed, well-crafted and well- planned since it is not a work of a day or two.

Similarly, a research proposal has to be planned weeks before writing the actual proposal. Here, timelines are created to effectively deal with this situation.

Timelines are important as it evaluates the feasibility of your project but at times, it can make a student go round in circles. Thus I am going to provide you a guide to make a research proposal timeline. Research proposal is one of the important and essential part of the research in dissertation. It is a kind of summary that the researcher has to prepare in order to let other know what is going to be subjected in the research. However, setting time line is one of the crucial and important issue that student have to face in fixing it. Therefore students have to prepare the research proposal in hustle, they lose their marks or they may not get good marks as they were expecting. Time line as important as research proposal.

Who you are writing your research proposal plan?

Obviously you know why you are writing your research proposal. If you are writing for yourself that is for your degree program, then you can set out your own parameters but the university or college requirements does matter as well. However, if you are writing for granting agency, professor or for any research institutions then you have to follow the rules set out by the students could timeline research proposal according to it.

Determine the time you might spend on your proposal:

You know yourself better than others; determine how much time you can spend on your project till completion. Make estimates that are realistic so that you can accurately point out the starting and ending point of it.

List out the tasks, name them & divide them:

Find out how many phases your project can be divided into. Name them and make their categories and sub-categories, if required. They can be your research proposal modules. It will help you make a better working plan for your dissertation project.

For instance, if your project has four phases and the final date if after two years then you can break down your work into four monthly increments like, six months for research work, six months for processing the data, six months for typing or writing and remaining six months for final processing.

Final reviews:

You can review your timeline as the project unfolds, you can make changes as per the requirements of your project while planning research proposal.

Hence, a timeline is made by you for your own ease so you can make any changes you want to if required and don’t make yourself mad with the time table you have selected for your research proposal.


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