Framing the Theoretical Framework for Your Thesis?

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There are many theories you can connect your study with but don’t know which one to go for since your professor himself seems to have no idea of creating one or he doesn’t want to give you any hint?


Theories are stored in your mind & approved by your professor too but you don’t know how to present them in the

standard theoretical framework in research format


Your case is same as 90% of the students out there especially dealing with social sciences. With no doubts, the creation of interrelated concepts for research work is not a very big deal but molding the concepts into a workable fabric is a hard nut to crack. However the best frame work which cover enough theory to be read in order to provide clear that readers would be able to understand the point of view of the research and it would be easy for the researchers or students to justify the result of their research in the light of theory with proper frame work.

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Developing a Theoretical Framework in Thesis

If you are wondering what a theoretical framework is, then to let you know, this place will only demonstrate how to develop it for a thesis with no definitions. Visit Wikipedia if you want to clear your concepts.

Analyze the topic of your discussion:

What sparks in your mind when you read the thesis topic & research problem? If you think hard, you can seek more ideas, more theories & concept to evaluate the whole concept.

Example: Farmers’ comprehension of usage instructions on Pesticide packaging

Think, research and study to expand your knowledge boundaries. The more you know, the more help you will get to determine the dependent variables.

Finding out the dependent variable:

Think what the possible contributing factors to farmer’s comprehension on pesticide packaging are? In short, determine variables that are affecting and influenced as a result of pesticide packaging.

Example: boxes or bottles?

Grouping variables:

You know the question, answer – variables; now group them as independent and dependent variable.


Dependent variable: Farmers’ comprehension of usage instructions

Independent variable: Farmers’ sources of pest management information, perceived credibility of source and frequency of exposure

Review the theories:

Review theories like communication, psychology, anthropology and sociology to select the best suited framework & establish relationship between the variables in your study.

Analyze the assumptions & propositions:

Discuss the assumptions and propositions for your frameworkmaking with key points to relate it with your research work.

See you can make a framework for your thesis like the back of your hands in a few days of time if you know the proper procedure of writing one. You can follow the preceding procedure blindfolded to craft a thesis structure that is unreject able by your professor.


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