Be Careful Of the 3

Theoretical Framework

Making Mistakes That Will Send Your Dissertation Down the Drain!

Verda Gabriel:

“Thesis was perfect, binding, presentation, grammar (As far as I know), research material etc.And most of all there was no plagiarism so where I went wrong? Why I got such low marks on my dissertation? I am just on a line?”

That was a haunting voice of one of the university student. If you are reading this article, you are sure to be a university or college student, so may I ask you if you are you going through the same symptoms?

Often times, small neglect able errors are noted by the professors and most of them takes place in the Literature review section of a dissertation, especially in the setting of

theoretical framework in dissertation


Look what we have got for you, minor mistakes and little but useful tips to cover those mistakes that are often caught by the nutty professors.

Mistakes and tips to mend them to write a flawless theoretical framework

Mistake # 1:

Students hate Google only when they have to search for the course material. They think they know everything about the topic so they prefer working on the theoretical framework without assuming the fact that lack of knowledge won’t help them accumulate theories whether dependent or independent.

What to do?

The topic plays a father’s role for a dissertation while the mother is the research question. Have a look at both of them, analyze them, and ask yourself, what you know about the subject and how you can further improve your knowledge about it. Internet is the biggest medium to gain knowledge, so go for it.

Mistake # 2:

To determine the dependent and independent variable, one must know what they are actually? What Vera did was the opposite, that is she mentioned independent, the dependent variable and vice versa.

What to do?

Of course search for both the words to know what are they, how to determine them and where you can find them in a research question? Plus what is the relation of these variables with each other if you want to end up on a perfect theoretical framework dissertation.

Mistake # 3:

Lack of knowledge about the theories takes up the student on a wrong choice, thus, leading to a disastrous result. When we asked Vera to list down the theories, she knew only two of them; sociology and psychology. Imagine how she can get good grades if she even doesn’t know what the different sets of theories available are.

What to do?

Of course, learn about them. Remaining ones that I can recall right now are anthropology, communication etc. You can search for more. Hence, mistakes are easy to mend only if you are careful about them, so let’s see how you take care about the preceding errors while working on your theoretical work.


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