Steps and Samples of a Research Question That’ll Make Your Thesis Spectacular

Are you trying to formulate a research question for your and are feeling lost?

How does one come up with a valid research question that can give a concrete direction for the entire report?

Here are a few

examples of research question

that can help you along the way.

But before we give you some samples of research question, here are a few guidelines through which you can formulate a research question easily.

  1. Select your research topic carefully. Make sure that the topic that you select is of your interest and gives way to an original and significant study. Discuss the chosen theme of your research with your supervisor and peers for better insight. The scope of your study should also be appropriate. Make sure that it is wide enough to be studied but narrow enough to be completed within the specific time frame.
  2. Then develop the basic aim of your research that you wish to study. The aim has to be composed in broad terms and should answer to the question, ‘why do I want to study this topic?’
  3. From the broad aim of the study, develop specific study objectives. These objectives must consist of at least two or more variables that must be measurable and can be compared together.
  4. Now formulate that objective in an interrogative structure. This would be your research question. While composing your research question, make sure that it is not simple enough to be answered with a yes or no.

Some research question examples to give you better insight of the study

Take a look at the incorrect structure of each of these research question sample.

Can you figure out why they are incorrect?


How does global warming affect the environment?


what is the effect of glacier melting on the environmental changes?


In the incorrect structure, the scope of study was too broad to be studied. We have narrowed the study only to the effect of the melting of the glaciers to make the study process more precise and specific.


How are social networking sites dangerous?


How do the social media tools decrease privacy of an individual?


Avalid research question must have at least two variables that can be compared together. The incorrect structure has only one variable whereas in the correct structure we are comparing it with privacy of individuals.


Can a skills development program result in high self-esteem of a teenage boy?


How can a skills development program result in high self-esteem of a teenage boy?


As mentioned earlier, a good research question should not be answerable in yes or no. it should require extensive study for its conclusion. The first structure can be answered in yes or no easily while the second structure gives way to scientific study.

So there you have a few guidelines how to compose study questions with examples of a research questionfor better understanding.


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