How to Formulate Hypothesis in Research Proposal For students preparing their Dissertations?

Often the trickiest part is to write a hypothesis in conducting a research work!

Hypothesis lays a foundation to the research work so it must be perfect, strong and sturdy. Making a single mistake can ruin your entire dissertation at once.

Needless to say that this part is the most intimidating part of research proposal and hours and hours of Goggling won’t help you cope up with the issue. But now you are here – the perfect place to get your hypothesis written in minutes. Make sure that you follow the guidelines that our referred sources have provided with the joint efforts to get you started on building your hypothesis based on the topic you wish to research for.

Just follow the given process:

Let me give you a case

A fish farm worker found out that his troutseems to get more fish lice in the summer especially when the water level is too low. Now he was to dig the heart of the matter. He conducted a research work for this and found out the biggest reason for fish lice are the low amount of oxygen.

Now how would you make a

research proposal hypothesis

out of this problem but mind it you are writing a hypothesis, now a research question. You will require a proper approach to it to build a good and strong hypothesis to draw effective and strong conclusions to what you really want to build your research problem on for solving the issues in a proper effective manner.

Will you write something like this:

“Water levels are affecting the fish lice that are suffered by trouts” It is mere a central idea of the problem stated above and there is no guidance. Now read this one.

“Rainbow trout’s are prone to fish lice when water levels are low” See there is a direction to the problem in the above stated research proposal hypothesis. Make your hypothesis testable enough to be used by the researchers. Not only that, it must look complete and give a clear vision of your research path.

A clearer version of your hypothesis would be something like this:
“Rainbow trout suffer more lice in low water conditions because there is less oxygen in the water”

Now, we can say that this hypothesis is testable since there are variables in it. Therefore, by measuring the amount of oxygen in a low water condition while eliminating all the controlled variables, we can easily determine the co-relation against the fish lice numbers. Great! You are done with your hypothesis.

Remember, there must be three things in your research proposal hypothesis, variables, problems with the variables and the reason of the issue.


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