Simple and Straightforward Set of Considerations for

Research Proposal Formats of Students

Research Proposal Formats
Though, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the possible

research proposal format

but there are some points like certain features that are always a part of a research proposal. Those important formats are given below.


You will summarize the highlighted specifications that seems to draw the most attention to the reader himself. Therefore the topics of your research work have to be constructed and emphasized only in few sentences. Basically, you will state the central idea of the whole research issues here about what exactly does the whole topic of your research proposal that you are formatting in your work to be submitted and also the importance of submitting it in the given time frme as required by your supervisors.

Addressing the major issue of the problem statement:

If you are conducting a research work then there must be a question that you are seeking an answer to. So, here you are going to state the main question with the variables, their relationships and other pertinent data. Make sure that you have built a good questionnaire so that through an effective and good hypothesis would result in building your solid and effective problem statement that is really needed to be addressed on priority basis.

Background to the problem that needs to be addressed in your work:

State clearly what is the problem’s importance is it really worth, the effort to be discussed? Next is the prior researched conducted about it, the methods that were employed and the results? You have got to show the relevance of your research work with the old work that has already been done plus there is a need to claim to bridge the gap or mistakes that previous researchers did or over looked while they were conducting their relevant research works.

Important Research Design to layout the game plan:

Briefly describe your data with the data collection techniques, and a complete research design that could support it efficiently. Then you will mention the methods you will be employing to get the results. It’s very important to have an effective design plan, so that what problems you intend to highlight, would be properly brought under discussion to draw positive and effective results.

Expected Results:

Obviously there would be something on your mind regarding the problem which you are centralizing for your discussion. The answer! State that expected results here. You can also state multiple answers supporting or in defence of the conclusion drawn from the proposal format that needed to be discussed. As per yourresearch proposal formats, the expected results will depend on how well it was addressed.


Lastly, mention the places from where you are going to get your information.


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