Looking To Write a Quantitative Research Proposal???

Quantitative research makes use of inductive and inductive approach. This theory, thus, departs from the concept of theoretical frameworks.

So there is a big difference between qualitative and quantitative research proposal format. This article will provide you with a complete in-detailed quantitative research proposal format or structure.

Quantitative research proposal format:

  • Background of the problem:

Background of the problem suggests a clear distinction between reality and expectation. The major highlights of the background of the problem are:

  • Theory
  • Research results
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion of scientific seminars
  • Experience, personal observations

These issues are elaborated in this section of the quantitative research proposal in relation to the problem being discussed.

Foundation of the problem:

Problem formation, as the name indicates is all about the problem you are going to discuss in the research proposal. Scope of issue is clearly elaborated in this part f the proposal. Problem formulation must be prepared in a concise, short and solid manner. Don’t forget to mention the variables studied the types of the variables and their relationship with each other.

Research objectives:

Here, you will simply state the purpose of your research work.  Why are you conducting the research work and what is scope of it.

Research hypothesis:

Not all quantitative research hypotheses requires hypothesis. Most of the quantitative research proposals don’t have hypothesis so include it only if you are required to do.

Scope and limitation of research:

Scope and limitation is the best way to find out the importance of the issue.

Research methods:

The most important part of a research proposal. Generally supervisors are more interested to find out the research methods included in the proposal and thus, rejects or accepts on the same thing.

Study design:

Research design is the most complicated part of the research method. Therefore, you need to make sure the research design is perfect from all the areas.

Data collection:

There are many methods to collect research data including surveys, questionnaires etc.

Data analysis:

The types of statistical data will be mentioned here in the data analysis section. You need to mention basically what are the ways you will be conducting to analyze the data.

Referral list:

Referral list will mention the sources from where you will seek the information for your research project.

Therefore, focus on the aforementioned parts of a quantitative research proposal and I am sure, you will do all fine in your research proposal.


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