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MBA – Masters in business administration becomes a monster for the students who aren’t able to come up with a good thesis. Thus, they are unable to get their hands on their degree.

Research proposal is the backbone of any successful dissertation and the topic is the foundation. The standards of a supervisor about MBA research proposal topics are much greater than any other degree, therefore, the students have to be extra careful while selecting a

topic for MBA research proposal


Here are few sample topic suggestions for research proposal for MBA hope they help you out.

MBA research proposal topic ideas

  1. The Impact of Credit Card Incentive Packages on Consumer Borrowing
  2. Using Macroeconomic Indicators to Estimate the Number of Undocumented Mexicans Entering the United States
  3. Employee Benefits and Their Impacts on Unemployment Rates in the U.S. and Germany
  4. Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and Their Effect on Entrepreneurial Profitability
  5. Is "Social Business" really going to change the face of management and organizing?
  6. Critical Success Factors for implementing Social Business Systems
  7. Readiness of Large Corporates for Social Business Design
  8. Understanding the influence of color on community behavior: Study of larger inner city use of “street art” as a means to preventing vandalism – successful or unsuccessful?
  9. Representation of smaller minority groups in CLD objectives: Native American, Asian-American, and other minority groups loss voice to larger minority groups when developing CLD awareness
  10. Gaming and Social Networking Decreases Violent Behaviors in Teens: Study of teenager behaviors where internet access has increased more than 25% over the past five years
  11. Small business success when utilizing virtual offices and telecommuting instead of expensive office solutions
  12. How resources from the line organization are shared on projects?
  13. How the deliverables are handed over to the line organization from the project?
  14. Quantification of Risk and mitigation strategies
  15. Which are more effective - formal project management methods or informal project management methods?
  16. Minimizing Transaction Costs in Project-Based Organizations: A case study on suppliers’ engagements in delivery projects in the Swedish Construction Industry
  17. MBA and African American males in corporate American
  18. Risk Management in Indian banking Industry
  19. Managing credit risk in Agriculture Lending
  20. Management of stressed assets

20 outstanding MBA research proposal topics are completed keeping in view the demands of master’s studies. Check them out and see how much they help you out!


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