Ideas for Market Research Proposal Topics

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Wondering how to get an interesting marketing research proposal topic since it has always been hard to impress your supervisor.

The famous four Ps of marketing are always been the topic of discussion in

research proposals on marketing and dissertations

so want something new this time??? In this article you will find many ideas to generate new topics regarding your proposal, and guidance on how to write your dissertation on marketing research proposal in an effective way. So your supervisor will accept your proposal, and you could get good grade in your research without any hurdle.

Usually, students finds it so difficult to select the topic for the dissertation which not only impress the supervisor, however it should be convenient for writing and The topic suggestions that I am going to give will not only get you an instant approval but would be interesting enough to grab his attention in your proposal.

Marketing research proposal ideas

  1. Global marketing strategies of American car industry versus the Japanese car industry.
  2. Online marketing versus direct marketing. Which is a better strategy?
  3. What marketing strategies should be used for a brand new restaurant to attract young customers?
  4. How can you make marketing plan for a real estate business who are stepping into construction business.
  5. How to market a product so that it can revamp its image?
  6. Internet marketing: the processes and the methods.
  7. The place of money in the economic development process.
  8. How does Nike keep hold of its market because of its great marketing?
  9. Affiliate marketing : Negative and positive impacts
  10. Online marketing VS traditional marketing: which one to go for?
  11. The budget of marketing for small startup business owners
  12. Techniques to market a newly launched product
  13. Advertising and marketing : are the really same
  14. What do you mean by relationship marketing?
  15. Marketing through social media networking
  16. Brand management
  17. How to launch a marketing company?
  18. Integrated marketing communications
  19. Product design and positioning
  20. Business to business marketing

These topic are broad in nature, so you can make them more narrow according to your level of education and area of specialization, so therefore it will be more easy for you to work on that topic. Hence, the 20 topics for marketing research proposal will help you design an interesting dissertation concept that is sure to be accepted by your dissertation supervisor.


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