Basic idea of Management dissertation topics for writing high quality dissertation

By: Dominic Corey

Believe me; I know you are at the end of your wits right now. Your final submission date of dissertation is coming up, and you still don’t have the slightest idea of any management dissertation topics you could use or get idea from. Welcome to the world of thousand management students who face the same dilemma.

Choosing management dissertation topics is like choosing a career or a life partner. Sometimes you never know if you’ve made the right decision until it’s too late and sometimes you know you already know that you have made the best decision.

I’m here to help you choose management dissertation topics that are going to instantly click in your mind.

Firstly let me tell you what management in business is. It is a simple act of getting people together to achieve their desired goals. When choosing a topic divides the term “management” into its basic functions that are:

  • Planning: to decide what needs to happen in the future and generating a work plan for it.
  • Organizing: carrying out successful plans by using the given resources to the maximum.
  • Staffing: Recruiting and hiring people for appropriate jobs.
  • Leading: Exhibiting leadership in order for others to play their roles positively.
  • Monitoring: checking progress against plans.
  • Motivating: Process to stimulate someone in order to achieve his/her desired goals and targets.

business management dissertation topics

should revolve around these functions. The more you simplify the easier it would be for you to choose or makeup a topic of your relevance.

Secondly another secret to a successful dissertation is clearly defining the vision, mission, objectives and strategies. Nothing impresses the dissertation advisor more than a well specified mission and objectives to achieve that mission.

The following business management dissertation topics will give you some ideas in order to alter the topic with your own preference.

  • How can you achieve your goal by starting your own business? (any business you fancy).
  • How to plan for a successful business using the least resources? (Again any business you fancy but focus more on the service industry as they require less financial input).
  • Reasons for high turnover rate. How to plan ahead and motivate employees to avoid high turnover?.
  • How far would good leadership and proper management lead your business to success?
  • Assessing risks when introducing a new project plan
  • Corporate social performance models.
  • How to successfully handle project complexity and performance?
  • How to plan ahead for bad times in your business?
  • Employee attitude, performance and organizational structure.
  • On what basis do organizations compete? Analyzing differentiation in the U.K universities.
  • How can a small IT firm compete in highly competitive environment and maintain its market share?
  • Outsourcing to the sub-continent: risks and benefits.

Note that some of these management dissertation topics like the first two are very vague. The reason I advised you these topics is because you can change the topic according to your own choice.. For more topics, contact me any time and I’ll gladly help you out in any way I can.

Finally I hope some of your confusion regarding management dissertation topic has been removed. These topics can be used as a basis for your own topic. Students like you are like matchsticks. They need a spark to ignite. For further inquiries you can get in touch and I just may be able to help you out with your dissertation problems.


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