6 Most Wanted Questions in a

Literature Review Research Proposal

That You Should Answer

I know you are stuck in the middle of the research proposal and the stop where you are is the literature review!

Do you know what a literature review research proposal is?

Simply put, it’s a compilation of the prior research done by the renowned authors and researchers.

Now you know what a

literature research proposal

basically is. You must have read a thousand article s on the same subject but are sure to be negligent of the six most wanted questions and their answers by the supervisors.

Question # 1

To date, what has been done on the topic?

The major points you need to mention here are the significant discoveries, major arguments, key concepts and theories that renowned scholars put forth.

Question # 2

Ok so what were the major areas on which previous researches concentrated mainly on?

Were there any developments, if not then what were the flaws? What were the methodologies that were affected and what failed to make it to the brass ring?

Question # 3

Are there any gaps within the study?

Are there areas that have been neglected by the researchers and that you will more concentrate on that? Is there a newer perspective that you can present to view the topic from different angle?

Question # 4

What are the new developments in the methods?

With time, technologies and methods changes, so you need to identify if there were some problems in obsolete way of looking at things? If yes, then what are the new developments in the methodology that can give a better outlook to the whole research?

Question # 5

Are there any future considerations in the prior research works?

Sometimes, researchers mention the possibility of further research and they mainly fail to get success due to the limitations and hindrances they faced.

Question # 6

How is your approach different from the rest of the researches done?

Are there any new contributions you are planning to make in this particular research work? What are plans about the current research? Answer the aforementioned six questions without which a literature review of a research proposal in incomplete and unfinished.


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