HR dissertation A dissertation on human resource or human rashes?

By: Dominic Corey

Getting stuck in your research article can be as annoying as a bad rash.

So don’t be stuck. Follow these guides, tips and topics for an easy sailing in your dissertation writing.

First let’s start with HRM topics and titles

Every student gets stuck in choosing a topic. What is right what is wrong? Is this topic the best fit for me. Well don’t worry. Here are some general topics that EVERYBODY can write just by doing some research on the internet.

Topic#1 :The role of IT in human resource development.

Topic#2 :Difference in techniques of human resource in developed countries and underdeveloped countries.

Topic#3 :Time management: How can it increase the revenue of an organization?

Topic#4 :In house recruitment: Its pros and cons defined.

Topic#5 :The do’s and don’ts of Disciplinary actions.

Topic#6: How over emphasized on achieving goals actually hinder in attaining that goal.

Topic#7: Is HRM the pursuit of attitudinal shaping?



Human Resource Management (HRM) is the purpose within an institute that focuses on staffing of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization.

Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as reimbursement, hiring, performance management, organization development, wellbeing, benefits, employee motivation, and training. HRM ensures planning, organizing, leading and controlling. HRM makes sure the implementation polices properly and examines it time by time in order to evaluate performance of the organization. HRM plays an important role in order to set benefits and remuneration according to the individual’s effort and skills. HRM basically works for the rights of employees of the organization. Usually provident fund, EOBI, pension, medical allowance and life insurance are provided mostly in the organization globally. Though there are some more benefits (house allowance, utility biles, and petrol) which also provided at top level management. HRM arranges all required needs for the employees.HRM is responsible usually for the recruitment of new employees, training, assessment, and selection and rewarding. HRM also supervises the organization’s over all leading ship style and culture. HRM also makes sure the compliance of the work and labor laws. HRM plays important and major role to meet standard rules and regulations globally. While HRM also discourages the child labor usage in production.HRM makes an environment workable efficiently and effectively in order to have potential output. HRM also works as bridge between top management and labor unions.

The most obvious and the best advice for your Topic.

Thebest tipI can give you is do thorough research. Your HR dissertation is solely based on your research work. Hence pick up a topic which you think you are good at and start doing research. That’s the safest be to get your dissertation approved in no time at all.

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