Effective Examples of Qualitative Research Question for an Outstanding Research Report

What reasons contribute directly to the rising rate of high school student drop outs?

Why do people still smoke even after knowing its disadvantages to health?

How do social media tools affect a student’s grades in his academic years?

These are questions that need to be studied so that a better understanding of the human mind can be gained but since these questions are not quantifiable or cannot result in specific numbers and statistics, we cannot conduct quantitative research here.

In this case, we need to conduct qualitative research based on

quantitative research question examples.

Qualitative research has become increasingly important in the field of investigative studies as they give a more descriptive and detailed analysis of the problem. The information produced through qualitative research is in-depth and comprehensive whereas quantitative research is concerned with measuring and counting things. It shows better understanding to the complexity of different views.

Qualitative Research Questions:

Qualitative research questions are the central elements of study as they develop a theoretical framework for the research study. They are more advantageous than quantitative studies because they provide a richer view of the subject.

So how can you formulate a qualitative research question?

Some qualitative research question examples are as follows to give you a better understanding

Example No. 1:

Research topic: Physical exercise and heart diseases. Research objective: To determine the relationship between physical exercise and heart diseases. Research question: How does increase in physical exercise result in decrease of potential heart diseases?

Example No. 2:

Research topic: college students and substance abuse. Research objective: To determine the relationship between substance abuse in college students. Research question: How does peer-pressure in college students’ result in increased levels of substance abuse?

Example No. 3:

Research topic: Nurse’s attitude and recovery speed of a patient. Research objective: To determine the relationship between a nurse’s attitude and the speed of recovery of a patient. Research question: How does a nurse’s attitude towards her patient affect the speed of his recovery?

Example No. 4:

Research topic: Relation between different Smoking patterns and lung diseases. Research objective: To determine the relationship between an individual’s smoking patterns and lung diseases. Research question: What is the relationship between smoking patterns of as individual and lung diseases?

Example No. 5:

Research topic: Social media tools and students grades. Research objective: To explore the relationship between social media tools and a student’s grades. Research question: what is the relationship between social media usage patterns of students and his grades?

Example No. 6:

Research topic: Employee rewards and organizational performance. Research objective: To understand the relationship between employee rewards and organizational performance. Research question: what are the effects of employee rewards on the overall performance of the organization?

Hence, through this example of qualitative research question you will be able to understand how they are developed through the study topic and how they should be composed. This paper will help you find the answers to the hidden questions that will act as the key to the un locked doors in the field of research and hence resulting in building a good research dissertation paper.


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