Economic Research Proposal Topic

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Economics is said to be the driest subject around, this is the reason why students are often reluctant to opt for this subject. Same is the case with economics research proposal.

Economics research proposal

topic is the backbone of a research project. The whole project depends on the topic, thus seeking one becomes extremely difficult for the students.

Therefore, we thought to compile a list of economics research proposal topic ideas for those confused students so that they can save their time and start working on the project immediately.

Economics research proposal topic ideas:


  1. Macroeconomics as the economics in the Newspaper.
  2. Business cycle and opportunity costs.
  3. Interest rates.
  4. Time-Varying Returns, Inter temporal Substitution and Cyclical Variation in Consumption.
  5. Endogenous Growth, Habit Formation and Convergence Speed.
  6. Macroeconomics variables and functions.
  7. Constancy of velocity of circulation of money proves that there is always full employment in the economy.
  8. Macroeconomics for Stabilization.
  9. Keynes macroeconomics theory.
  10. Impact of fiscal policy on the underground economy.
  1. Education Industry Category (Some aspects of Public Education is macroeconomic).
  2. How to determine the effects of acts of technological innovation on specific animal species.
  3. The labor market and its features
  4. Demand and supply.
  5. varying pricing policies adopted by firms according to the changing market trends.
  6. The Trucking and Freight Industry.
  7. Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Recreation Industry Category.
  8. The Financial Services Industry Category.
  9. How to determine the effects of acts of technological innovation on specific animal species.
  10. The impact of the cold weather in California on the price of oranges/orange juice

Micro and macroeconomics are the two major branches of economics that seeks to understand the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Select any one of the above given topics to get going with your economics research proposal.


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