Did you know 60% of students don’t know how to write their DISSERTATION CONCLUSION!

By: Dominic Corey

Well, don’t be one of them. Exclusively for you a FREE QUESTION ANSWERS SESSION WITH A COLLEGE PROFESSOR on

how to write a great dissertation conclusion


Today we have with us a college professor Dr. John Atherton who is going to give us some tips on how write that dreaded dissertation conclusion that is going to help us impress our dissertation advisors and get our thesis approved with their blessings.

Q: So let’s start off. The first question for you professor is how do

your students write their dissertation conclusion?

Most of them simply don’t know how to sum up their work.

Theirdissertation conclusion leaves more questions unanswered then coming up with a solution. It is like a murder mystery in which we don’t know who the murderer is in the end. I like to pluck my hair every time I read a mediocre dissertation conclusion but what can we do. Students pay the least attention on their conclusions.

Q: So what’s your advice in writing dissertation conclusions? Any tips for us fellow students.

That’s what you students always want right. Tips and shortcuts,well, the best tips I can give you for writing dissertation conclusions are

  • Be precise.
  • Sum up all your work in the dissertation conclusion.
  • Always mention your findings from the questionnaires and statistical tools if you have used any.
  • Be creative. Prove new ideas.
  • Don’t expect us to rewrite your whole conclusion. Do it yourself lazy students.

Q: Can you give us fellow students any dissertation conclusion example so that we might benefit from you o wise sir!

Well the best dissertation conclusion example you can find in the internet. However let me give you a brief passage of a great dissertation conclusion I just read.

One of the major strengths of this theory is that it would reduce poverty in Africa. According to our surveys 19% of the population would benefit from it directly while 45% would benefit from it indirectly.

The above passage was direct and precise. It summed up the conclusion very nicely. I am not saying just write 3 lines for a conclusion. It should be a bit detailed and have some creativity. It depends on you how you are going to shape it.

Q: So any final words, sir before we finish this interview. Any dissertation conclusion you want to hand out free by any chance?

No but I am planning to flunk any student who does not come up with a quality dissertation conclusion. Dissertation conclusion provides a closure to your dissertation writing. It should be thorough and complete. Now kindly let me have my lunch. You have already taken too much of my time. Shoo!


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