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Service Features

  1. How can you help me with the primary data collection?
    Under the “Primary Research” service, we ONLY offer research design service. We do not offer any primary data collection service. We only offer to design a …
  1. Framework or a plan for a study (research) used as a guide in collecting and analysing data
  2. Blueprint to follow in completing a study
  1. What exactly is included in the research design service?
    Typically, these are the steps involved in your primary research design…
  1. Understand and establish the research objectives
  2. Identify your sample size and control groups
  3. Suggestions on screening and recruiting targeted group
  4. Plan for any ethical issues with collecting your data.
  5. Develop the most appropriate research instrument (Questionnaire, Qualitative Interview, Focus Group, Participant Observation etc...)
  6. Revisions in the research design or instrument after a pilot test
  7. Have a contingency plan if not everyone is willing to participate
  1. When should I start worrying about my “research design”?
    As early as when you are preparing your dissertation proposal. If your dissertation requires collecting data from the primary sources, then you should start planning and collecting it soon after your dissertation proposal is approved.
  2. I am totally confused whether to choose between Qualitative or Quantitative research method. Can you help me decide?
    Most of the times, students are suggested by their supervisors to use a particular research method, qualitative or quantitative. However, in case you haven’t got any precise advice, we will definitely propose a specific research method after studying your research problem. You should always get it approved by your supervisor before going ahead with the data collection.

Primary Researcharrow2 Prices

What is the cost?

We price each piece of work individually and we charge a flat fee. We DO NOT work on hourly rate basis. Costs are quoted on a per project basis after analyzing the project parameters, timeline and level of involvement. To have a rough idea of the expected cost of primary research design services, have a look at our pricing structure…

Research Study Design Pricing Scheme

Price Range Turnaround Time Urgent
Undergrad £59 to £99 4-5 Working Days 24-48 Hours = Add £29
Masters £79 to £129 4-7 Working Days 48 Hours = Add £29
PhD £119 to £199 4-7 Working Days 48 Hours = Add £49

Primary Researcharrow2 Revisions

  1. What if my supervisor tells me to do some corrections?
    If you believe that the work does not adhere to the exact directions, you can ask for FREE revisions within 10 days of the delivery date. The consultant will revise the work within an appropriate timeframe needed. It can be 24 hours or a week, all depends upon the complexity of the revision.

    If the revision request is made after 10 days of the delivery, then it will be up to the consultant whether to accept the work with an extended deadline or deny to revise the work at all.

***Make sure you return within 10 days if you want to revise something***

Primary Researcharrow2 Delivery

How much time it normally takes?

It highly depends upon the complexity of the task. Normally, we send the work to the customer within 4-7 working days.

Primary Researcharrow2 How does it work?

a. How does it work?

Step # 1:

The first step is for the client to send us all the details through a request or a quote form. Our consultant may ask a few more short questions about your study

Step # 2:

We will then provide you with a price quote and turn-around time. The quote will fully detail the extent of services we will provide, what it will cost, and how long it will take to finish.

Step # 3:

If you accept the cost and other details, then proceed with the payment. Upon payment confirmation, a research consultant is assigned to your project.

Primary Researcharrow2 Billing & Payment Options

  1. What are the payment methods or option?
    At the moment we accept:
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

All derivatives of these brands are also supported. Debit cards with VISA or MASTER logo is also accepted

  1. Can I pay through PayPal?
    Yes, we do accept payments through PayPal.
  2. Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
    Yes, indeed! All transactions are completed on a secure server. As soon as you enter your information at the secure form, your computer and our server start communicating, sending data backward and forward in an encrypted format. Your name, address, and credit card number are encrypted so it cannot be examined as the information moves across the internet.

Primary Researcharrow2 Research Consultant-related Questions

  1. Who is going to design my research study design
    Your study will be designed by our professional and experienced research consultants having the appropriate knowledge and understanding of primary research methodologies. Once the payment is confirmed, our research supervisor will select the best available consultant to design your study.
  2. Can I contact my research consultant?
    Yes, you surely can. As soon as the payment for your order is confirmed, an appropriate research consultant will be assigned within a couple of hours. You can then get in touch with your consultant at any time you want through our contact us form.

    You can even get answers from the consultant before placing your order, but in that case, you have to go through our customer service center. Our friendly customer service staff will take your question and forward it to our team of researchers. We don’t allow direct communication before the payment confirmation.