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Service Types & Features

  1. What exactly will you do to improve my document?
    It solely depends upon your needs and requirements. Basically, we offer 4 sub-services under “Editing” and they are…
  1. Proofreading:
    Identification & correction of sloppy spellings, grammar and punctuation ONLY
  2. Stylistic Editing:
    Proofreading + review and suggestions for the enhancement of the language, style (formatting, referencing and citations), and overall structure of your writing
  3. Total Edit:
    Proofreading + Stylistic Editing + suggestions for the addition or removal of ideas where required
  4. Marking:
    Grade the work by meticulous academic standards or as provided by your university, and suggestions on how you can work to improve your mark.
  1. Is rewriting included in the editing?
    Under the “Editing” service, our editors will not research, write, re-write, revise or increase text. They may, however, propose the ways to enhance the sequence and consistency of the paragraphs and chapters in your document wherever necessary. For writing or rewriting you can take advantage of our writing Consultation service.
  2. I just need to format my document. I don’t need the editing service. Can you do it?
    After editing quite a few dissertations and documents, we have yet to find one document in perfect shape ready to be turned in.

    It’s very tricky to merely check formatting as part of citations and referencing only, Nevertheless, if you want, we can check formatting limited to citations and referencing only ignoring everything else at your responsibility.

Editing arrow2 Free Sample of your Work

  1. Can I see samples of your work?
    Yes you can. Click here to see samples of our editing work.

Editing arrow2 Editor-related Questions

  1. Who will edit my work?
    Your document will be taken care of by a professional and experienced editor having the appropriate knowledge and understanding of academic editing. Once the payment is confirmed, our research supervisor selects the best available editor to assign to your order.
  2. Can I get in touch with the person who will be assigned to my order?
    Yes, you surely can. As soon as the payment for your order is confirmed, an appropriate editor will be assigned within a couple of hours. You can then get in touch with your editor at any time you want through our contact us form.

    You can even get answers from the editor before placing your order, but, in that case, you have to go through our customer service centre. Our friendly customer service staff will take your question and forward it to our team of editors. We don’t allow direct communication before payment confirmation.

Editing arrow2 Delivery & Format

  1. What will I receive? Can I submit your edited copy as it is to my university?
    We basically send back two copies of the document…
  1. A marked copy with all corrections and comments shown for your review
  2. Final revised copy with the corrections accepted and comments removed.

    You should always check the final edited copy before turning it to the university.

    The standard time for delivery is 11p.m. but during awfully hectic times it will get to you before midnight. Also note that we do not do any deliveries on SUNDAYs and on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Editing arrow2 Revisions

  1. What if I am not satisfied with the work?
    If you believe that the edited work does not adhere to the exact directions you provided initially you can ask for FREE revisions within 10 days of the delivery date. The editor will revise the work within an appropriate timeframe needed to complete the document. It can be 24 hours or a week, depending upon the complexity of the revision.

    If the revision request is made after 10 days of the delivery, then it will be up to the editor whether to accept the work with an extended deadline or to deny revising the work at all.

***Make sure you return within 10 days if you want to revise something***

  1. What if the edited work is returned by the university for more corrections?
    If the edited work is returned to you due to our mistakes or oversights, we’ll review all of your committee′s or professor′s comments and make corrections for no extra charge.

    But if edited work is returned or rejected because professor or supervisor requires you to do more thinking, research or writing, then we won’t be able to provide any editing revisions.

Editing arrow2 How it works?

  1. How to place my order for editing service?
    Follow these 3 simple steps to place your custom writing order…
  1. Know your prices instantly through our state of the art price calculator
  2. Submit and preview the order details
  3. Proceed with the payment
  • Once your document is completed, it will be forwarded to our quality control department who will check it from major citation mistakes to minor punctuation mistakes.
  • Once the quality control department clears the document for delivery it will be forwarded to your email address.
  • In case you need any amendments or revisions we will be ready to help you. We will revise the document in the time allotted which is subjective to the length of the piece.
  1. How do I know that I’ve successfully placed an order?
    You will receive a sales receipt at your e-mail address after successful payment of your order. This receipt is a confirmation that your order payment has gone through successfully.

Editing arrow2 Editing in Parts / Single Chapter

  1. I just want a couple of chapters to be edited. Can you do it?
    We can edit sections or just a solitary chapter of your dissertation, thesis or research paper. It doesn’t have to be a whole dissertation for us to start working.

Editing arrow2 Verification Call

  1. What is a verification call?
    We do phone verification to combat against the threats of online credit card fraud. You should expect a verification call to verify your purchase before the order delivery

Editing arrow2 Plagiarism Check

  1. Can you check whether my document has plagiarism or not?
    Yes, we can. In fact we offer this service as a FREEBIE of our editing service. Every document is scanned through, a plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students all over the world to avoid plagiarism. Please, make a note that we do not take any responsibility to address the results of the scanner’s report.

Editing arrow2 Prices & Discounts

  1. What are your prices?
    To calculate your prices instantly, please visit our state of the art price calculator. We take into account 5 things to calculate the editing prices…
  1. Degree level
  2. Type of document (Dissertation, Essay etc…)
  3. Editing Service Type (Proofreading, Stylistic Editing, Total Edit, Marking)
  4. Delivery time
  5. Word count

    So it’s impossible for us to quote you a flat rate since we consider multiple factors while calculating prices for editing services and that is the reason we have designed the state of the art price calculator for your convenience.
  1. How much discount can you give on my project?
    We have a planned discount scheme and here it is…

Dissertation and Thesis

Number of Words Discount
2500 - 5,000 5%
5250 - 7500 7.50%
7750 - 10,000 10%
10,250 - 15,000 12.50%
15,250 or above 15%

Essay, Research Paper, Term Paper, Coursework etc..

Number of Words Discount
1,000 --- 2500 10.00%
2750 --- 3750 12.50%
More Than 3750 15.00%

Editing arrow2 Billing & Payment Options

  1. What are the payment methods or option?
    At the moment we accept:
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

All derivatives of these brands are also supported. Debit cards will VISA or MASTER logo is also accepted

  1. Can I pay through PayPal?
    Yes, we do accept payments through PayPal.
  2. Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
    Yes, indeed! All transactions are completed on a secure server. As soon as you enter your information at the secure form, your computer and our server start communicating, sending data backward and forward in an encrypted format. Your name, address, and credit card number are encrypted so it cannot be examined as the information moves across the internet.

Editing arrow2 Document Security & Confidentiality

  1. How can I be sure that my researched document is safe and no one can steal my work?
    Please read our Privacy Policy where you shall see we fully understand the importance of this issue and has taken a number of measures to ensure full confidentiality of our customer’s data.
  • Our associates and editors are bound by a comprehensive Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
  • All information received from clients is stored exclusively on our secure servers
  • Once the project is completed we permanently delete customer documents from our servers