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Research Topic

  1. Can you help me find or select a research topic?
    Yes we surely can. No matter what degree you are pursuing, we can develop a research topic for you. Our research topic service includes a 250-words topic brief, which includes
  • An explanation as to why the topic is worthy to research on?
  • 2-3 questions the dissertation/thesis will answer
  • Key literature resources identification
  • Raw sample size definition
  • Elaboration of the methodology for data collection

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  1. I have a very specific topic, can you help me write it?
    Although we undertake almost every type of research project, we cannot always guarantee that we can provide you help with every dissertation possible. It is highly recommended for you to always ask our customer services about your topic before making the payment for your order.

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  1. Can you help me write a research proposal as part of my PhD application to a university?
    Our consultants have helped customers complete various research proposals as part of the PhD applications and more than 70% have been approved without any revisions. We will revise your PhD proposal incase your supervisor wants it to.
  2. Can you help me organise the research proposal according to the outline provided by my college or university?
    Generally, a research proposal focuses on 3 key sections, i.e., introduction, literature review, and methodology, But if you want us to incorporate certain outline or structure given by your university or college, we can surely do it.

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What is the cost of the analysis?

  1. What do the standard levels 1st, 2:1 and 2:2 mean?
    These are the degree level standards that are used in the UK. A 1st standard typically translates to 70%+, a 2:1 is 60%-70% and a 2:2 is 50%-60% out of 100.
  2. Which standard of work do you guarantee?
    We guarantee 2:1 for every dissertation/document we organise for you. More importantly, we only guarantee your satisfaction. We highly recommend students to keep in touch with their professors and keep updating them with the updated work that our consultants will be providing. It will help you in getting the right directions from your professor to get the desired standard.

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  1. I don’t want your services for the entire document. Do you do sections or a single chapter?
    We can help you write sections or just a solitary chapter of your dissertation, thesis or research paper. It doesn’t have to be a whole dissertation for us to start working. We are a consultation service based on the needs of our customers. we will help you write according to your demands or requirements, be it a whole 40,000 words document or 3,000 words literature review.

Writing Consultation arrow2 How it works?

  1. How do I place my order for editing services?
    Follow these 3 simple steps to place your order...
  1. Know your prices instantly through our state of the art price calculator
  2. Submit and preview the order details
  3. Proceed with the payment
  • Once your document is completed, it will be forwarded to our quality control department who will check it for major citation mistakes to minor punctuation errors. After this, your work will be scanned for plagiarism as we follow a strict no-plagiarism policy.
  • Once the quality control department clears the document for delivery it will be forwarded to your email address in your desired format.
  • In case you need any amendments or revisions we will be ready to help you. We will revise the document in the time allotted which is subjective to the length of the piece.
  1. How do I know that I’ve successfully placed an order?
    You will receive a sales receipt at your e-mail address after successful payment of your order. This receipt is a confirmation that your order payment has gone through successfully.

Writing Consultation arrow2 CONSULTANT related questions

  1. Who will help me complete my order?
    Your document will be taken care of by a relevant consultant having the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the subject. Once the payment is confirmed, our research supervisor selects the best available consultant to assign to your order.
  2. Can I get in touch with the person who will be assigned to my order?
    Yes, you surely can. As soon as the payment for your order is confirmed, an appropriate consultant will be assigned within a couple of hours. You can then get in touch with your consultant at any time you want through our contact us form.

    You can even get answers from the consultant before placing your order, but, in that case, you have to go through our customer service centre. Our friendly customer service staff will take your question and forward it to our team of consultants. We don’t allow direct communication before payment confirmation.

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  1. What is a verification call?
    We do phone verification to combat online threats and credit card fraud. You should expect a verification call to verify your purchase before the order delivery

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  1. What measures do you take to prevent plagiarism?
    Here is how we will deliver you a non-plagiarized document…
  1. Every document is scanned through, a plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students all over the world to avoid plagiarism.
  2. FREE Anti-Plagiarism scan report---You will get a plagiarism report along with your document ensuring a highly unique and one-of-its-kind paper. Furthermore, you will have no fear of being accused of plagiarism when turning in your document.
  3. Quality assurance will check the document before forwarding it to you. If the material is found to be plagiarised or developed not according to your customer’s specifications, the consultant will have to help you revise the paper. To cushion for potential deadline delays, we give an earlier deadline to the consultant. Please, do not reveal the real deadline to the consultant.
  4. Your document will include the bibliography as well as in-text citations absolutely “FREE OF COST”. To minimize the probabilities of plagiarism we train our writers to use only 5% of the internet sources. It means if you want 30 sources, usually only 1-2 sources will be taken from the internet. The rest will be from books, newspapers, journals and periodicals etc.

Buy DissertationConsultation Service without Any Fear of Getting Caught For Plagiarism

  1. If I buy dissertation consultation services off a website, will my teacher ever be able to guess that my work is based on professional help?
    If you have decided to buy dissertation consultation service, this is the most important question to ask any website. Our consultants will help you complete your dissertation after matching your language skills and academic level. You can also look at our privacy policy that provides appropriate contractual means to establish a comparable level of protection for personal information.

Writing Consultation arrow2 Prices & Discounts

  1. What are your prices?
    To calculate your prices instantly, please, visit our price calculator. We take into account 4 things to calculate research consultation prices…
  1. Degree level
  2. Type of document (Dissertation, Essay etc.)
  3. Delivery time
  4. Word count

So it’s impossible for us to quote you a flat rate since we consider multiple factors while calculating prices for our consultation services.

  1. How much discount can you give on my project?
    We have a planned discount scheme and here it is…

Dissertation and Thesis

Number of Words Discount
2500 - 5,000 5%
5250 - 7500 7.50%
7750 - 10,000 10%
10,250 - 15,000 12.50%
15,250 or above 15%

Essay, Research Paper, Term Paper, Coursework etc..

Number of Words Discount
1,000 --- 2500 10.00%
2750 --- 3750 12.50%
More Than 3750 15.00%

Writing Consultation arrow2 Delivery & Format

  1. When will I receive my document?
    You will receive your document (MS Word) as attachment at your e-mail address either earlier or on the deadline you stated at the order form. We endeavor to deliver documents to customers before 24 hours of the original deadline.

    The standard time for delivery is 11p.m. but during awfully hectic times it will get to you before midnight. Also note that we do not do any deliveries on SUNDAYs and on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Writing Consultation arrow2 Updated References

  1. When will I receive my document?
    You will receive your document (MS Word) as attachment at your e-mail address either earlier or on the deadline you stated at the order form. We end eavor to deliver documents to customers before 24 hours of the original deadline.

    The standard time for delivery is 11p.m. but during awfully hectic times it will get to you before midnight. Also note that we do not do any deliveries on SUNDAYs and on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Writing Consultation arrow2 Revisions

  1. What if I am not satisfied with the document?
    If you believe that the completed work does not adhere to the exact directions, you provided initially, you can ask for FREE revisions within 10 days of the delivery date. The consultant will revise the work within an appropriate timeframe needed to complete the document. It can be 24 hours or a week, all depends upon the complexity of the revision.

    If the revision request is made after 10 days of the delivery, then it will be up to the writer whether to accept the work with an extended deadline or deny to revising the work at all.

***Make sure you return within 10 days if you want to revise something***

Writing Consultation arrow2 Billing & Payment Options

  1. What are the payment methods or option?
    At the moment we accept:
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

    All derivatives of these brands are also supported. Debit cards will VISA or MASTER logo are also accepted
  1. Can I pay through PayPal?
    Yes, we do accept payments through PayPal.
  2. Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
    Yes, indeed! All transactions are completed on a secure server. As soon as you enter your information at the secure form, your computer and our server start communicating, sending data backward and forward in an encrypted format. Your name, address, and credit card number are encrypted so it cannot be easily captured as the information moves across the internet.