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Dissertation Work

7¼ Awesome Tips to Create a Perfect Dissertation Work Plan for You

Want to make sure that you finish your dissertation with time to spare?

Then, create for yourself a dissertation work plan.


The main idea of a dissertation work timetable is to make sure that your level of productivity is optimal.

What should your work plan include?

The components of the time table may vary from student to student. You can design your schedule according to the number of pages you want to complete each day, the headings or the tasks that you have allocated for yourself or even according to the budget that you have been granted for the dissertation.

Here are some of the basic tips to follow for making a dissertation schedule that works

  1. Make sure that you don’t create unrealistic deadlines. If you want to make sure that you have allotted the right time for each task then you need to do a little research. Browse the internet for the average time it would take a student to complete a task that you have undertaken. Design your schedule according to that. You can also ask your peers or supervisor regarding this
  2. Make sure that your schedule is pinned up in obvious places to keep you focused on your goal
  3. Make sure that your schedule has time for breaks. You will need a certain amount of relaxation to keep the level of your productivity high
  4. Make sure that you take into consideration the number of pages that you have to write while scheduling your tasks. There might be some small tasks or headings that require less number of word counts which might equal to one big task or heading. You need to keep this factor in mind to so that you are able to allocate an equal number of tasks each day
  5. Pilot test your schedule by allotting a few tasks to yourself for one week and see if you are able to complete that in time
  6. After every two weeks, keep one or two days cushion in case you are unable to complete the task that you have undertaken. If there is no such cushion, then the rest of the timetable will be disturbed because of a previous incomplete task
  7. Find yourself a productive, positive space to work to avoid distractions and to keep you centered. Also keep all your research stuff in that place so that you have no difficulty to find them when you start working

Besides that, even while writing your dissertation, find a ‘ready to work’ ritual for yourself that will help you start. This can be background music, a cup of coffee etc. Its purpose is to prepare you for the work to come.
In conclusion, from time to time, give yourself a break and go out to have fun so that your dissertation work plan does not disrupt your personal life.

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