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Dissertation Types

All About the Dissertation Types – Which Research Type Is Perfect For You?

If you think that your thesis journey begins from the selection of your research theme, then you might be wrong here.

There is one important decision that comes even before the section of the theme of your research.

Before you decide the theme for your dissertation, it is important that you firstly decide the theoretical nature of your research report, or the dissertation type that will govern the entire methodology, data collection methods and in result the conclusion of your investigative work.


Below mentioned are four important dissertation types for your research process.

  1. Exploratory Research:
    This type of research is conducted when there is very less or no previous data or results available on a topic. This type tries to discover the patterns, hypothesis or ideas that will be tested for further investigations. Some of the research techniques that are used in this type of research process are observations, statistics and compilation of previous data. One disadvantage of this type of research is that you cannot come up with a final decision from the outcomes of this type of study.
    In conclusion, although this type of research often tells us the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’, it does not tell us the ‘how many’ or ‘how often’.
  2. Descriptive research:
    This type of research involves studying the behavior of a variable without affecting it in any way. This type of research may be qualitative or quantitative. The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and its characteristics which usually involve studying frequencies, averages and statistical calculations. Although this is one of the most popular and accurate research techniques, it does not specify the cause behind a problem or why it is occurring in the first place. It mainly provides a better understanding of the topic.
  3. Analytical research:
    The aim of this type of research is to describe why a certain problem is occurring in the first place and what can be done to eliminate it. It usually aims to dissect a certain issue and explain it to the readers. The in depth approach of this type of research is what makes it so descriptive and expressive.
  4. Predictive research:
    Predictive research does exactly as the name suggests. It tries to speculate future possibilities based on the evidences and data available. It can also be termed as the cause of effect of the research as it tries to discover the cause of a problem to determine its effect.

Hence, this type of research is usually used for forecasting.
In conclusion, these are the four basic dissertation types of research that range from a research that is being conducted for the first time to a research that is used to predict the future. Before deciding upon the topic of your investigative study, make sure that you are aware of the type of dissertation in which you will be conducting the process.

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