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Dissertation Titles Selection Made Eassy

Learn How To Select Dissertation Titles With The Help of Examples!!!

By: Dominic Corey



Titles for dissertation

wisely is imperative because writing a dissertation can take many months or even years, so if you don’t select dissertations titles that will help you stay on track, you will end up procrastinating and even give up your degree. So, the question is how to select titles for dissertations. Here are 7 great tips in a snapshot to select good titles for dissertation:

  • dissertation title does not need to be a totally new, groundbreaking, re-write the textbooks revelation. Studying an old subject in a new way, from a different perspective, can be a new contribution.
  • The chosen titles for the dissertation must be appropriate to your degree.
  • Be sure your chosen dissertation title addresses a real problem or question.
  • The chosen dissertation title must be appropriate for the subjects you have available to work with.
  • The selection of titles should be narrow enough to be manageable; a study that can be done in the time allotted will always be helpful in the completion of your dissertation.
  • Your dissertation title must be of genuine interest to you! If not, it will be hard for you to stay motivated over time.
  • Ideally, your title should be of interest to your advisor as well.


  • There is an existing body of (academic) literature for you to read.
  • It is a subject that lets you add your own original research.
  • It perhaps engages an element of novelty and change.

POSSIBLE Dissertation Title EXAMPLES

Let’s understand the above discussion through an example. A student took the ‘glass ceiling’ as her starting point (well-established body of literature) but chose to ask about the barriers to entry for young men onto PR degree courses (involves change, very researchable). Or another. I’ve not yet run a study into the use of Twitter in media relations (readily researchable, very topical). There’s no academic literature though, so neither? Not at all, because there’s literature on communications and public relations theory, social media, media relations practice and much non-academic chatter about Twitter.

Selection Strategy FOR TITLE FOR Dissertation:

Selecting a; title for a dissertation is not a simple process. It can even easily take longer than writing an essay. So, when you find something that can make you scream with happiness and excitement, like, “Yes!!! this is what I want to select for my dissertation title” then go for it. It is highly unlikely, so, instead, look for something you can find interesting. Here’s how…

  • First of all, start as early as you can. You can’t afford to waste time. Utilize your time effectively and read as much as you can to find a title for your dissertation.
  • Choosing a dissertation title relevant to your career path will keep you motivated and you will naturally take interest in it. So, decide what you plan to do in the future and then search for a dissertation title accordingly.
  • Make a habit of taking notes. When you are in class, listening to lectures, make sure you take notes. When you read books, articles, journals, etc. take notes. You should take notes because you can then read them later and try to come up with a dissertation title.
  • Also, talk to your friends about it and ask for suggestions. When they tell you something, write it down. This way you won’t forget anything important as you will have everything in writing.
  • Choose a title that is not vague. When you start writing your dissertation, you should know where you are heading. If your title is not clear, you will get confused eventually. So, make sure your title is not vague at all.

So…Get ready to choose a dissertation title. Prepare yourself for a lot of research and make up your mind that it won’t be easy but you can do it. Stay focused and be persistent. You will succeed undoubtedly.

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