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Dissertation Supervisor

How Important Is Choosing The Right Dissertation Supervisor For Your Research Grade?

If you think that choosing the right supervisor for your dissertation is not an important decision, then you are very wrong.

You may have the best topic for your dissertation or the best techniques for research but there are countless factors where you will get stuck in your investigative process and only your supervisor will be able to guide you through.

Plus, choosing the right dissertation supervisor or dissertation committee can help you gain entry into the right academic circles, make contacts with resourceful people and establish your career ahead.

So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that choosing the right supervisor for your dissertation is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. The right supervisor can earn you an outstanding grade in your dissertation.

A perfect research supervisor is one who (se)

  1. Has extensive knowledge, experience and insight to your field of research

While choosing your supervisor, make sure that you choose one who is experienced and related to your field of research. That way he will be able to provide you with proper guidelines on how to conduct your investigative process. If he is related to your field of study, then he might also be able to set up meetings and interviews with other people who are skilled in knowledge and experience in the field.

  1. His study technique and personality should positively influence yours

There are some students who are quite laid back and don’t start working until the eleventh hour and there are some students who get so anxious and tensed while working that their productivity is compromised.

What category do you fall under?

Select a supervisor who positively influences your study behavior. If you are laid back and easy going, then you probably don’t need a supervisor who does the same. You need somebody who is a little stricter and can motivate you to work. Similarly, if you tend to take too much pressure and can be unproductive then you need to select a supervisor who can calm you into productivity.

  1. Is available

You will constantly need to set up meetings with your supervisor. In fact, it is recommended that you meet with him after the completion of every important component of your research for his review, feedback and advice. For that it is important that your research supervisor is available and wiling throughout the academic year. It is important to confirm his travel and availability plans beforehand. Also, in many instances, there are faculty members who are already overburdened with work and don’t have time for students. Make sure you don’t end up with such a supervisor.

Also, make sure that before deciding on a faculty member you contact his previous students and take feedback on other projects that he has supervised and the grades that they have gotten. It is necessary for you because that dissertation supervisor can make your dissertation more effective.

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