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Dissertation Style

Dissertation Style Guide – How to Dress Up Your Perfect Research Report

What would happen if you ever showed up at a formal event in old and ragged clothes?

The people would probably refuse to interact with you and nobody would take you seriously?

Just like you have to dress up for a party of a formal event; So does have to be your dissertation report as well!

So, if you think that you can just throw all the contents of your research together and it’ll be ready to go to the main event, then you are quite wrong about its whole concept.

You need to make an effort at its makeup and outlook, so that it looks presentable for the main event.

Don’t know how to do that?

Below mentioned are a few guidelines for your dissertation style that will make your dissertation handsome enough to show up at any party.

Dissertation Style Guide

  • Outlook:

The paper should be a standard A4 size and should be printed only on one side with the print quality dark and clear. The margins should be 1.5 inches from left and 1 inch from top, bottom and right. The left and right margins should be justified. The text of the document should be single spaced.

  • Fonts:

The fonts that are normally used for text of the dissertations are Times Roman or similar fonts with point size 10. For headings, same size with point size 14 should be used.

  • Page Breaks:

Take a new page for every new section or chapter but don’t take a new page for every new sub-heading. Also, try to ensure that a page break never leaves the last line of a paragraph on a different page.

  • Header and Footer:

Besides including the page number in the header, make sure that your dissertation header should also include the candidate’s name, qualification sought and calendar year. Footer or footnotes, on the other hand, are optional.

  • Format of the dissertation:

Your dissertation document must include the below mentioned components:

  • The Front Matter:

This would include the following components and the pages must be numbered in Roman numerical; lower case.

      • Title Page
      • Abstract
      • Dedication
      • Acknowledgements
      • Table of Contents
      • List of Tables
      • List of Figures


  • The Main Body:

The main body of your dissertation would include the following components which would be numbered in Arabic numerical and would start from 1.

      • Introduction
      • Literature Review
      • Research Methods
      • Findings
      • Conclusion
      • Recommendations


  • The Back Part:

The back part of the dissertation would include the following components and would continue the Arabic numerical from above.

      • References
      • Appendix
      • Glossary

Hence, this completes the dressing of your dissertation style report. Now you research report is all dressed up to impress any guest that it meets.

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