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Dissertation Review

8 Points Dissertation Review Checklist to Ensure a Properly Done Dissertation in Less Than an Hour

What is the thing that can destroy your marks, impression and even degree of yours in dissertation writing?

In spite of an immaculately written dissertation, one is not able to impress a reader?

What makes it so difficult for a writer to make it to the brass ring?
These are the questions everyone asks, be it a researcher, student or a professional. You may not have given importance to this little word ever but the truth is, it can be the only answer of the above questions posed. It is a dissertation review, analysis or re-checks that a writer must do before submitting the final document in the hands of a professor. Dissertation review is just like reviewing an article before submitting but that may be a bit difficult for you.

8 points dissertation evaluation checklist
Here is 8 points dissertation checklist that will help you trace all the flaws of the project quick and easy.

1st point

Once you are done writing your dissertation, its time to read it again thoroughly as that will help you trace all the flaws that you have left behind while writing. This is what we call as proof reading. This step will take a considerable amount of time so better is, to check it very carefully. Dissertation aspects that you must check while doing dissertationreview.

  1. Are there any typo errors, sentence structure or logical mistakes that are not in accordance with general English rules.
  2. Spelling or grammatical mistakes that are way too common.
  3. Is your dissertation presentable enough?

2nd point

When you were assigned dissertation, you must have been given a complete guide with that. Find out what is the suggested word count in it and if the dissertation you have just completed as per according to the guidelines?

3rd point

Check to see if the project is properly formatted as per the general rule of project writing. Is the point size ten to twelve or more than that and they are all double lined spaced with all the pages numbered.

4rth point

This is the most important point of dissertation review because if the printing is not done well enough than there is no way you would be able to make an impression on the reader. Make sure the document is printed on the single sides of A4 paper that is 297 mm * 210 mm.

5th point

Before binding, left hand margin should be of minimum 4 cm and right hand margin of 3 cm.

6th point

Your dissertation is securely bound between covers like spiral binding, a glued spin binding, stapling with a taped spine etc. Make sure it is not loose leaf or ring-binding.

7th point

Your final dissertation must have a properly designed cover sheet as it will be the first thing a reader will notice.

8th point

Lastly, you must make sure it has an index page at which, the following information should be added

  1. Table of content, list of illustrations and table etc (if included)
  2. Introduction or preface
  3. Chapter numbers and topics
  4. Bibliography
  5. Appendices (If included)

A dissertation is something more than a document; it’s a researcher’s hard work that he has invested into it and a research that can be used for many important purposes. Thus, such an important project shouldn’t be taken that carelessly. Go through the above told dissertation review and use them to get good results. All in all, every little part of dissertation should be perfectly crafted and polished so as to grab applauds.

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