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Dissertation Results

All You Need To Know About Dissertation Results Section of your Research

Can you hear the bells ringing?
Are you doing the happy dance?
The ‘ta-da’ time is almost here!

Just one more section to go and you will be DONE with your dissertation and hopefully your degree very soon.

But this isn’t yet the time to chill out and lay back because the dissertation results section is one of the most important sections that you have to compose.

The dissertation results and discussion is the final and last chapter of your research report that will conclude your research journey.
What are the different types of dissertation results?
  1. Quantitative

This type of result includes the statistical and mathematical type of information and usually consists of graphs and tables. To properly compose this type of outcome, you need to directly compare it with your hypothesis and see how it coordinates there.

  1. Qualitative

This type of outcome is usually composed in the form of a summary where proper analysis and evaluation is done. Here, you can start the analysis from an individual’s view point and then move on to the total insight of the findings.

How this section needs to be composed

  1. To start, write a few lines on the introductory section of your dissertation.
  2. Then move on to writing a few lines on the Literature Review to remind the readers of the previous findings.
  3. Now write about your results and make comparisons of your outcomes with the ones found from the Literature Review.
  4. Whatever is the outcome of the comparison that is made, make comments on it.

Tips to composing dissertation results chapter

  1. Focus on the key results

Since your key results answer to your hypothesis, you only need to interpret them in a clear and concise manner and then state your comments.

  1. Let your graphs and tables do the talking

Insert tables and graphs wherever you can. This will not only help in the easy understanding of your results but will also support your analysis. This will also add a little legibility and color to your dissertation report. Another thing to keep in mind here is to talk about all the graphs and tables that you have inserted. If they are not worth explaining then there is no need to include them.

  1. Simplify your readers’ lives

Make sure that you keep easy legibility through your entire report. That means that if the statistics say 150 out of 200, then why not write it as a 75% and if the results denote an 8.98 statistic, then why not compose it as 9. This will make reading and understanding a lot easier for your reviewers.

In conclusion, make sure that you have composed this section of your dissertation objectively and free of personal opinions to make it unbiased and significant.

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