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Dissertation Recommendations

Dissertation Recommendations – What To Write and How to Write It?

An interesting quote by Dorothy Parker about dissertations says that
“This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

That certainly rings true for the entire dissertation report but is spot on for the dissertation recommendation section of the report.

If you think that your dissertation ended with the conclusion section, then you are wrong.

The most important part of your research report is still to go which is the dissertation recommendation section.

Dissertation recommendations are the part that emerges from the conclusion of your findings. Here you will suggest what needs to be done in the field of your opted research, who will do it and how it shall be done. This part will be based objectively on finding instead of personal opinions and subjectivity.

Still don’t understand what your dissertation recommendation should consist of?

Your Dissertation Recommendation should consist of the following:

  • Suggested solutions to your research problem
  • Directions for further such researches

But how should you compose it?
Let’s have a look

As a student your research time is limited but it is expected from you to make good recommendations and suggestions which can become a base for the future researches and studies. These ideas should be original like the rest of your thesis but this part should be composed especially with practicality of the studies being carried out.

  • Go through each of the section of your dissertation and ask yourself the following question
    1. Does my research report say exactly what I want it to?
    2. Is it relevant to the theme of my research?
    3. Is my research original?

Based on each of the component, see how you can write an original outlook of your dissertation and recommend how it can give way to further researches and studies. This section is very important if you want to tell your readers what you have achieved through the research and how this research can help in future studies.

  • Another tip to compose a good recommendation section is to answer the following questions:
    • Does my research expose further problems? What are they?
    • How should they be catered and resolved?
    • Are there still questions that need to be answered?

By simply answering these questions one by one you are developing the recommendations section of your dissertation.

  • Take assistance from a peer or your supervisor. Ask them to go through your work and make suggestions on the gaps that they have come across with. Their input regarding the gaps can be structured into research recommendations.

In conclusion, make sure that you develop the dissertation recommendations in such a way that it

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