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Dissertation Questions

Do You Want the Answers to the most fundamental DISSERTATION QUESTIONS? Do You Want All The Dissertation Answers That Would Help You Write One Great Dissertation?

By: Dominic Corey

If so, you’re in luck!!

In this article I am going to give you an insight on some of the dissertation questions you might have in your mind. These dissertation questions are the most commonly asked among all the student folks. If you understand the answers to these questions the road to writing a good dissertation would become far clearer and easier.
So here are the questions you all have been dying to get the answers for!

What is a great dissertation?

A great dissertation is one that invokes thought. Ideally a great dissertation should have the following features

  • Introduce a new concept
  • Given a solution to a particular problem
  • Eliminate an assumption that has been plaguing a field of study

Have these three features and your dissertation will definitely influence your field of research and be cited by other dissertations.
How to start my dissertation?
This is one the most frequently asked dissertation questions. The best way to start is do some thorough research in your field of interest. How? Here are a few pointers.

  • Go through research papers that have appeared in top conferences regarding your field
  • Go through some award winning theses. If you can’t find any go through any good sample of a dissertation you find in the internet
  • Ask what sort of topic does your dissertation advisor have in his mind? What does he expect from

When you clear your dissertation questions with your dissertation advisor and have some research work along with an idea of how to write a dissertation you are good to go with your very own dissertation.

How to write a dissertation abstract?

Divide your dissertation into following parts.

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is the problem hard?
  • How will you be solving this particular problem?
  • What would result with your solution?

Answer these and your dissertation abstract is good as done.

How to write my dissertation outline?

Another one of the most frequently asked dissertation questions is regarding the dissertation outline. Making a thesis outline can be a bit of a pain. The most standard dissertation outline should have the following

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Background of the Problem
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Purpose of the Study
  • Research Questions
  • Importance of the Study
  • Scope of the Study
  • Definition of Terms
  • Delimitations and Limitations

Chapter 2: literature review

Chapter 3: Research Methods

  • The Qualitative Paradigm
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Data Sources
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Verification

Chapter 4: Research Findings

Chapter 5: Conclusions, Discussion, and Suggestions for Future Research

What are the Does and Don’ts of dissertation writing?
In my point of view this is the most important of all dissertation questions. The simple does and don’ts provided in this article will definitely ease your worries.

Does of dissertation writing

  • Offer a tangible problem definition, available to a computer-literate person, without discarding the problem to people in your field
  • Present a solid record of your dissertation contributions
  • Acknowledge each role that the dissertation has played in evolving your field
  • Mention your assumptions, limitations, requirements and constraints
  • Use plenty of concrete examples
  • Quote data sources e.g. market surveys

Don’ts of dissertation writing

  • Don’t oversell your dissertation
  • Don’t try to confuse the readers with difficult language
  • Don’t try to brag in your dissertation
  • Don’t make harsh personal comments about writers whom you don’t agree with

How to summarize my dissertation?

Finally the last of the dissertation questions I am going to cover in this article. When you summarize be able to answer the following questions

  • How will your work affect the field in which you are doing your study?
  • How much of your work can be generalized?


I hope the answers to the following dissertation questions have given you a new perspective on how to start your own dissertation

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