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Dissertation Process

Dissertation Process Made Simple through an Easy Step By Step Guide

Are you trying to learn theprocess of dissertation writing via internet and can’t find anything useful?

Wish you could find a step by step guide to help you along the way?

Well, look no further.

Here, we will give you the easy to follow step by step guide for dissertation writing that will make the process of research report writing simple and fun.

Step By Step Guide To Dissertation Process

Step 1: The first step in dissertation procedure is to choose the topic on which you want to conduct the research. Here, you need to make sure that you choose a theme that is easy to research and data can be found on it easily. It is very important to come up with the theme of research with careful consideration as once decided you will not be able to alter it.

Step 2: Develop the main aim and objectives of your research. A research aim is a broad statement for the long term desired goals of your research and objectives are brief and specific statements that are generated from the aim. It is much easier to develop the research objectives after the aim.

For example, if the topic of your research is ‘usage and awareness patterns of social media tools’ then your research aim is ‘to determine the usage and awareness patterns of social media tools’ and your objective is ‘to determine the factors that result in high awareness and usage rate of social media tools’

Step 3: After your aims and objectives have been developed, it will be easier for you to develop your hypothesis. A hypothesis is a logical supposition or tentative statement that guides the entire investigative process of the research. It contains specific variables that can be measured for the investigative process.

In this case, one of the hypothesis can be ‘individuals over the age of 35 years are less aware of social media tools than individuals over that age’.

Step 4: These four components are the critical factors of your research. After you have developed these successfully, the rest of the process will be quite simple. After that comes the process of data collection. There are different data collection methods for different types of data for example, personal interviews, journals, research papers, questionnaires etc.
For this type of data we shall be using questionnaires as a data collection method.

Step 5: After the data has been collected, it will be compiled together and analyzed through statistical software after which the interpretation of the results shall be made.

Step 6: The next step is to draw a conclusion through your research. A good conclusion should answer to the question “What did I set out to investigate? Did you manage to achieve your purposes?”

Step 7: The last step is to make proper recommendations regarding your research. Your recommendations should be based on unbiased views and should be structured objectively.

Hence, these seven simple dissertation steps conclude the research process. The steps are so simple and easy that anyone will be able to follow them.

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