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Dissertation Problems Statement

6 Important Steps for Composing a Worthwhile Dissertation Problem Statement

Undoubtedly, students face difficulty in the composition of the problem statements, as it is one of the challenges in the dissertation writing. However, knowing the central role of the problem statement, it is realistic to face such hindrances.

First of all, make it clear as to what is the problem statement.

Dissertation problem statement and its Central role:

Describing the scope of any research comes at the top of the priority list. However, the scope can be created when one writes a comprehensive dissertation problem statement. The problem statement clarifies the aim of the research. Therefore, it is indispensable to have the problem dissertation statement. Otherwise, there will be ambiguity regarding the work.

Truly, one cannot recognize the area of operation if one is not sure of the exact problem. Identification of the problem is the first step towards the solution.


The problem statement of any dissertation can be described as the soul of that dissertation. It sets the ground for further work. Simply, it provides the direction for the research. However, the dissertation problem statement is not easy to compose as it appears due to the very nature of the statement. Knowing the fact that the whole dissertation depends on the problem statement, it becomes, even more, difficult thing to compose. Hence, it is not easy for students to master it. Nonetheless, one must always look for composing a better and comprehensive problem statement so that the scope of the dissertation could become clear as daylight.

Bearing the above importance and the critical role of the dissertation problem statement, the following are listed some important steps for writing the dissertation problem statement.


Reading the topic of the dissertation is very important for the recognition of the purpose of the dissertation. In the light of that understanding, the concerned issues must be list down.


The second step involves the true inspection of the factors which are creating the problem as per the topic. For example, if the topic is regarding Global Warming, then the factors adding to the phenomenon must be list down. Further, a flow chart should be made as to what can be important for minimization of the problem i.e. what is happening and what should happen.


This step involves the further development of the problem by adding the questions of ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘what’. This information is obtained directly from the topic research.


This step includes the first draft of the problem statement by using the chart of step 2 and answering the questions of step 3.


This step includes a close examination of the first draft. Remove all vague words and figures which can be meaningless after some time.

Step #6:

This is the final step that finalizes the problem statement and removes any unnecessary phrases.

Keeping the importance of the dissertation under consideration, the above steps will help to compose a dissertation problem statement. These steps should be followed for the comprehensive problem statement development, as the problem identification is necessary to chalk out a solution.

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