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Dissertation Meaning

Dissertation Meaning – Is It Really As Scary As They Make You Think?

    • Are you a student of first year in university and have been scared by fellow students about the nightmares of final dissertation?
    • Wondering how you will write an entire research dissertation report when you aren’t even clear what it means?

Then let us shine some light over the matter.
According to the Oxford dictionary, dissertation meaning is

‘A dissertation is a long essay that is written on a particular subject as a requirement for your doctorate degree’.

In other places it has been defined as

‘It is a formal or elaborate argument on an original subject matter that is presented in a written or oral form usually by a Doctor of Philosophy.’

Dissertation meaning is necessary for us to find out that sounds exactly like any other university assignment, right?
So, is it actually that simple?

By going through quite a few definitions the dissertation meaning as I have come to the conclusion that the term dissertation refers to an original research paper that is a requirement for the highest level of studies i.e. the doctorate. Dissertation studies are not conducted by all universities, only by renowned ones. The main purpose of this document is to add substantial and significant information to the field of study that is relevant to the candidate’s research.

It means that the dissertation requires a certain amount of investigative studies with proper data gathering techniques along with relevant statistical tools to analyze the data. But even after that the result of your analysis must be concluded and recommendations must be given in order for the dissertation to be complete.

A dissertation can be conducted in any field of research and usually includes the following components:

  1. Title page
  2. Table to contents
  3. Abstract
  4. Introduction
  5. Literature Review
  6. Methodology
  7. Analysis of data collected
  8. Discussion
  9. Conclusion and recommendation
  10. Bibliography or references
  11. Appendices

Some basic information that you should know about dissertations that defines dissertation meaning

  1. Since the basic requirement of a dissertation work is to be original, it is important that all information that is taken from external source should be properly cited and mentioned in the reference section of the report to avoid plagiarism. If the dissertation is found to be plagiarized then it is not accepted.
  2. Since a dissertation is actually an argument over a particular case, you need to make sure that your argument is well presented and substantial with research that supports your theory.
  3. The structure, format, grammar of English plays a very important role in dissertation writing and should be followed vigilantly. It is often recommended that you get the grammar and tenses rechecked by someone else to overcome the risk of rejection.
  4. A dissertation is a formal document that should be free from all jargons and subjective words. It should also be written with unbiased views or personal opinions. A dissertation is always in active voice rather than passive voice.

In conclusion, a dissertation may be a document that needs effort and vigilance but it is definitely not a report that you should be scared of otherwise you will never be able to complete your dissertation.

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