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Dissertation Hypothesis

How to Develop the Dissertation Hypothesis in Less Than 30 Minutes?

  • Are you trying to work on your final dissertation and don’t know where to start it from?
  • Is your dissertation deadline giving you nightmares?
  • Which part of the dissertation should you develop first so that it provides a road map for the rest of your research process?
  • Start with the hypothesis statement of your dissertation.

A hypothesis is one of the most important statements in the research report. It is the basis of the investigative process that tries to argue a particular logic and ultimately guides the entire research.

In most of the cases, the hypothesis statement is limited to a few words which tried to explain the purpose of the research. Based on the above explanation, it would not be incorrect to call a hypothesis the road map of the research report which is why it is extremely important that it is developed wisely and vigilantly.

So, how can you develop thehypothesis for your dissertation

in less than 30 minutes?

Let’s have a look:

Steps to Developing the Dissertation Hypothesis

  1. Finalize The Theme Or Topic Of The Research:
    The first step in the development of the hypothesis is to finalize the research topic on which you have to work. You can develop the theme of your research with the help of internet browsing, article research from local library or with your peer’s or supervisor’s assistance.

For Example:
Substance abuse as a cause of increase in college students drops out rate.

  1. Decide On The Research Variables:
    Your research is based on variables that will be compared and analyzed in the investigative process. After your topic has been finalized, determine the variables that impact the changes in your research. Make a list of the variables that you think will affect the analysis and choose the most appropriate one.

For Example:
In case of our selected theme, the variables can be peer pressure, difficulty in managing studies, bullying etc. The variable that we assume has most impact is peer pressure which is what we will be selecting for our research.

  • Construct the hypothesis:
    Now that you have the variables in place, you can start composing the hypothesis. The hypothesis is a supposition, an intention or a logical guess that needs to be analyzed.

For Example:
Based on the information above, we will develop the hypothesis statement using the variables above.

Peer pressure has a significant effect on substance abuse among college students that leads to increase in students drop out rate.

In a nutshell, developing a dissertation hypothesis is not a difficult task once you have the theme of your research and its variables in place. A hypothesis is just a logical intent that provides the basis of investigation and is later proved correct or incorrect.

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