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Dissertation Guide

Dissertation guide for how to fail in your dissertation successfully and forever have your name etched in the dissertation “HALL OF SHAME”!

By: Dominic Corey

  • Do you want to FAIL your dissertation with flying colors?
  • Do you want a dissertation guide that would instantly give your dissertation advisor a heart attack just by reading your dissertation?
  • Do you want a dissertation guide that can tell you on how to get your dissertation thrown out of the window and be branded as rubbish and hopeless for the rest of your life?
  • Do you want a dissertation guide which makes anybody who reads your dissertation burst into laughter because they are thinking the person who has written this has lost his marbles?

If so thisdissertation guide

is for those students who want to fail their dissertation with flying colors. IF BY CHANCE YOU WANT TO PASS YOUR DISSERTATION, do the opposite of what this dissertation guide says.

So let’s get on with our dissertation guide. Follow this and I assure you that you will NEVER be able to pass your dissertation. EVER!

  1. Don’t choose the topic of your interest. Choose a topic on which you have no knowledge about. Choose a topic which is as alien to you as snow is to a tribe living in African plains.
  2. Don’t give a compelling dissertation title in the title page. Leave it blank. Keep people guessing as to what your dissertation is all about!
  3. Don’t give credit to your dissertation advisor in the acknowledgement section. Instead give him a piece of you mind by telling him how much he stinks and he should take a shower at least once a day.
  4. Don’t ever think of giving a solution to a problem. Instead become the problem yourself. Why should you give a solution to a problem when you know we are too lazy to care about anything!
  5. Never introduce a new concept in your field. Why would you want to give headaches to new students by giving a new concept?
  6. Use plagiarized material in your literature review. Who has the time to write up everything from scratch? After all you have to catch up on your sleep don’t you. Try to use plagiarized work whenever possible.
  7. Don’t give a proposal that makes sense. Give a proposal that is absolutely rubbish and has nothing to do with any logical outcome.
  8. Don’t do any amount of research and questionnaires are a strict no. makeup your own data. Who has the time to search the net for any relevant material? Never give others 5 minute trouble by asking them to fill out questionnaires. Why make them work hard when you clearly don’t want to!
  9. Don’t be clear in you conclusion. Try to be as vague as possible. Don’t even give a hint that you have solved anything or you are done with your dissertation. Leave your reader guessing.
  10. Finally don’t look for a top quality job. They will require the same amount of hard work as writing a dissertation. Instead stay home and live on your mamas earnings.

This DISSERTATION WRITING GUIDE is a sure shot way to failure. Follow this dissertation guide and bid farewell to your degree and a chance of a good living.

On a serious note, try to do exactly the opposite of what I have just stated. Your dissertation is your partial requirement to your degree. Take it seriously. For dissertation guides to succeed in your dissertation contact anytime and I’ll definitely help you shape your dissertation to success.

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