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Dissertation Framework

Dissertation Framework – How to Complete Your Research Report in 9 Days

Is your dissertation due in two weeks and you haven’t even started it yet?

Are you trying to find a dissertation composition plan and haven’t been able to come up with anything?

Then you must truly be stressed out!
Don’t despair! We have adissertation frameworkfor you through which you can complete your entire research report in 10 days only.
Don’t believe us?

Then just start reading ahead

The 9 Day Dissertation Framework

Day 1: Finalizing the topic
You may think that this is just a small step but coming up with a dissertation theme requires careful consideration and thought as once it is decided it cannot be changed. Also you need to be sure that resources for the theme can be found easily otherwise the investigative process will become quite difficult.

Day 2: Chalking up the schedule
As soon as you have decided on the research topic, you need to chalk a daily schedule for yourself that will contain three columns; tasks, objective and timeline. Make sure that the timelines you allocate are realistic and achievable.

Day 3: Decide on the research method
This is where you define the research strategy for your investigative study. Here, you will start by composing the objectives of your research after which your hypothesis will be developed which will serve to be a road map for the entire research report.

Day 4: Collect the data
There are different methods for collection of the data for qualitative and quantitative data. For the qualitative data mostly personal interviews and surveys are used while for the quantitative you use the observations and close ended questionnaires as a source for data collection.

Day 5: Analyze the data
After the data has been collected comes the important step of analysis. This is where the data gathered is put in computer statistical software and is analyzed for results. It is important to decide an appropriate method for data collection and select a suitable tool for analysis of the data.

Day 6: Draw conclusions
It is important that the results of your findings are interpreted with un-biasness and objectively.

Day 7: Compile references, bibliography etc.
It is very important to give proper references of the sources from where you have used the data. Since a dissertation or thesis is an original document, taking quotes or readings from other sources without proper references will raise the chances of plagiarism which will risk the acceptance of your report.

Day 8: Compose the abstract
The abstract is the overview of the research report that gives a complete view of the dissertation from the objective of the research to the conclusion that is derived. Even though this is one of the last things to be composed, it is still attached at the beginning of the report, right after the title page.

Day 9: Organize, review and proof read the report
Last but not the least; don’t forget to organize your report in the proper format and read and proof read your research report for possible errors. A properly structured and grammatically correct report is an important component of the dissertation. If you think you are weak in grammar and sentence structuring then approach a peer or a friend for assistance. A poorly structured research report will never be accepted.

Hence, follow this easy day to day process and you will be effectively able to complete your dissertation framework in less than 10 days.

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