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Dissertation Format


By: Dominic Corey

Today we have two esteemed guests with us. The dissertation angel and the dissertation devil! Both of us are going to give us tips regarding dissertation format.

Interviewer: First let’s start with the dissertation angel. To follow a proper format for such dissertation, what should a student do first?

Dissertation angel: Start with the title page where you mention the title of your dissertation along with your name and other necessities.

Dissertation devil: Rubbish! Start with the conclusion. Who wants to read all the rubbish when you are going to end up with a conclusion anyway!

Ok. Different point of views! My second question is what comes next after dissertation title?

Dissertation angel: Go on to the acknowledgement where you thank people who have helped you with your dissertation writing.

Dissertation devil: Again wrong. Why do you want to thank some fool who has helped you with three or four lines? I say scrap the acknowledgement section altogether. It should not be counted in the format!

Interviewer: Again different point of views. So now after the dissertation title and the dissertation acknowledgement what next? Literature review.

Dissertation angel: No. Write an abstract of your dissertation. Then go on to Table of contents, where you give the page numbers of all the chapters.

Dissertation devil: I don’t know where dissertation angel learnt the proper formatting for their dessertations. I say after the dissertation title, go directly to the literature review. Tire the readers with pages and pages of data. They would get so tired they would instantly accept your dissertation because it has become such a pain to read!

Interviewer: Ok what next afterwards?

Dissertation angel: After you have written the table of content start with the Introduction. Then move on to the main body i-e literature review.

Dissertation devil: I say move on to the bibliography and then the table of contents. Won’t the readers be overjoyed when they go through the table of content, and then realize what exactly the previous pages were!

Interviewer: Ok I see that both of your point of views varies a lot when it comes to dissertation format. So let’s wrap it up. How would you end a dissertation?

Dissertation angel: After the literature review move on to the methodology, where you define your population size etc. Then move on to the conclusion and recommendations ending with bibliography. Pay utmost importance to the dissertation format students!

Dissertation devil: Nonsense. Give introduction, and then give your recommendations. Don’t give your methodology. It will only get you in trouble because a goat like you can never come up with a population size and data collection method. Dissertation format is given more importance then it truly deserves any way!

So finally we come to the end of our interview. Here is the dissertation format according to both our guests.

Dissertations to be formatted
according to dissertation angel
dissertation devil
Title page Conclusion
Acknowledgement Literature review
Table of content Bibliography
Introduction Table of contents
Literature review Introduction
Methodology Recommendations
Conclusion * Methodology and
Recommendation acknowledgement scrapped

If you want to get in touch with dissertation angel regarding dissertation proposal or format of writing a good dissertation contact him any

time and he will gladly help.
Dissertation devil has not given any contact number for you, so if you have any problems regarding dissertations so you won’t likely get in touch with him soon!

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